13 Reasons Why You Are Seeing 11:11 | 1111 Meaning

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Once you make a decision, the universe conspires to make it happen

Ralph Waldo Emerson

Seeing the number 1111 is perhaps one of the biggest wake up calls you can get. In numerology, the number 1111 meaning has the same intensity level as pots and pans being banged together right next to your ears. 

You have likely landed here because you are wondering why you keep looking at a clock at 11:11. Believe it or not, this happens to a lot of people, and it is one of the reasons why this is the most common angel number. 

Seeing 1111 repeatedly is a clear cut sign that a message awaits you. All you need to do is pay attention. You might be wondering where this message is coming from; especially if you are not a spiritual person. Luckily, the answer is quite simple. To put it plainly, your guardian angels are always close by, providing you with love, protection, and clarity. And the meaning behind 1111 naturally serves as a message to you, from them. 

So what are your guardian angels trying to tell you when they present you with the number 1111 repeatedly? 

Simply put, seeing the number 11:11 is an awakening for you when it comes to your wishes, dreams, goals, and love. 

The above serves as just a general, quick answer to give you a very brief overview of what it means when you see this number. However, as with most things in life, the true reasons can be a lot more complicated than a one sentence explanation.

This is why we are going into full detail on the meaning of 1111 and giving you multiple possibilities as to why you keep seeing this number. 

We are here to provide you with an explanation, but remember, it is up to you to interpret the answers to your life. 

What Are Angel Numbers

Angel numbers are a series of numbers that offer guidance from your guardian angels by relating them to numerological meanings and interpretations.

You may see certain numbers, or patterns of numbers in your everyday life, without realizing what they mean.

Fortunately, we have been blessed with the opportunity to decipher our guardian angel’s attempts at communicating with us!

You may not see them or hear them, but they are always communicating with you through subtle messages. Their goal is to make sure that you live a happy and fulfilled life.

What does 1111 mean?

The short answer is that 1111 is meant as a wake up call to you. You have likely lost your path resulting in your guardian angels pointing you back into the direction that you need to be in. 

It could very well be that your thoughts are not aligned with your actions anymore, which further puts you in a rabbit hole of future unhappiness. 

Whatever the case, try to pay attention to what you are thinking when you see the number 1111. Your thoughts in that moment align with the message your guardian angels are trying to tell you. This message could simply be a reminder that your thoughts are not the same as your actions anymore, and that your thoughts are the truth to who you are as a person. 

13 Reasons Why You Are Seeing 1111

1. Your Thoughts & Actions Dictate Your Reality

You must always be aware that your thoughts and actions directly cause the reality of the world as you experience it. 

This means that if you tend to be a positive person, you live your life through positive thoughts and actions. The world in your eyes is largely good and you feel optimistic about the future. You seem to attract many good things into your life and find yourself being an object of envy by the more negatively influenced people in your life. 

On the contrary, if you find yourself to be largely guided by negative thoughts, your view of the same world tends to be rather bleak.  You often find yourself down and out, and even the victim of more negative actions (at least that’s how you perceive things).

The truth is though, that positive people can have the exact same experiences as negative people do, and still the world in their eyes would look completely different. 

In large, this has to do with our focus and how we think. Positive people will always focus on the good, even when bad things happen. 

Meanwhile, negative people will always focus on the negative, even when good things happen. 

In essence, your guardian angels want to make you aware of this when they guide you through the number 1111. They want you to understand what type of person you are, so that you can either continue to live on with positive thoughts and actions, or shift your focus and become less negative. 

All of this is due to the fact that your guardian angels want you to know that once you embrace positivity, you will become a much happier person. 

2. Make a Wish & Turn It Into Action

11:11, make a wish. You might remember being a child and staying up past 11pm with your friends or siblings, and once it hit 11:11pm, you said to each other; “11:11, make a wish”. 

For many of us, this tradition even goes into adulthood, where we are reminded of our ability to wish things, and ask the universe for what it is we truly want. 

Little do we know that our guardian angels are listening to us, taking note of our desires and life purpose. All of your wishes are heard, and all of your wishes are understood. 

However, this does not mean that our guardian angels act as genies. Quite the opposite in fact. Your angels are there to guide you, not fulfill your wishes. The only being that can fulfill your grandest wishes is you. 

So when you see the clock hit 11:11, and you make your wish, don’t just let its energy fizzle in the enormity of the universe. Instead, take note of it, and begin to find a way to make your wish come true. 

Focus on your thoughts and wishes and work towards manifesting them! All you need to do is believe in yourself and target your energy towards your dreams. 

Your angels want you to know that you have full control over your life, even if it sometimes doesn’t feel like it. You are the maker of your destiny, and the creator of your dreams. 

More than ever, now is the time to move forward with love and optimism and to let negative thoughts diminish. 

3. You Are On The Way To An Awakening

One of the biggest symbolisms of the number 1111 is that of an awakening. Have you noticed how the actual number sequence looks a bit like columns? In essence, what you are looking at are the columns to the gates of your new awakening. 

By seeing this number, you become aware of the fact that your mind will be revived and become more conscious of something that it wasn’t before. By interpreting 1111, you pass through these columns and awaken your mind, body, and spirit towards a new or altered path. 

That is why, when 1111 presents itself to you, you should take a step back and really look at your life from a big picture standpoint. You have likely spent the past few years going about your daily routines and looking at life through a narrow scope. 

What 1111 does, is it makes you re-evaluate your life by reminding you to look at it in its entirety. Ask yourself, what is your dream? What do you absolutely want to accomplish in your lifetime? What would make you a happier person than you are today? 

Asking and answering all of those questions for yourself will help you see where you are going wrong in your everyday life. Is what you are currently doing helping you reach your biggest dreams? If yes, then keep going. If no, then find out how to make changes to your everyday life in order to make a path towards your life dreams. 

Most importantly, have trust in your guided spirits, and in yourself. Trust that the signs and energies in your life are there for a reason. Trust that you can overcome any challenges to achieve your biggest dreams. Trust that your guardian angels will always help guide you towards where you want to be. And trust that your heart knows your purpose in the universe, and that it will give you the courage to find your place. 

4. Open Yourself Up And Be Receptive

Opening yourself up is incredibly important when it comes to being able to grasp new opportunities. You need to open yourself up through mind and spirit in order to take advantage of the incredible things that lay ahead. 

By being open minded, you simply have a much larger field of view for positive changes. It is often said that close minded people physically cannot see opportunities that are right in front of them. 

So open yourself up, and be aware of all the little signs that may come your way. Who knows, one of them could quite literally change your life. 

5. Stay Humble

Changes will most definitely occur in your life. Most of them positive. One of the important things to remember is that remaining centered and humble are essential to continuing down a positive path. 

Don’t take things for granted, as you can quickly lose any and all successes with an arrogant mindset. Boasting about your success at a time of build up will instill a false sense of confidence in your mind that can be detrimental to your continued success. 

Always be aware that good things can quickly end, and never take good periods for granted. That is not to say that you should not enjoy success or positive periods, but be aware that you have to nurture these times and maintain the success you have created, and not fall backwards. 

Additionally, growth occurs by staying in the present. A big part of staying humble is not looking too far ahead in the future in terms of results. The arrogance comes when we are in a positive period, and expect extraordinary results in the near future. 

Staying in the present will allow you to focus on the current problems that are on your plate without wasting mind space on pipe dreams. Keep your mind centered, focus on the immediate problems, and enjoy your current successes. 

6. Be Grateful

The universe loves acts of gratitude. It is perhaps one of the most fundamental parts of living a positively influenced life. Gratitude shows that you have not taken anything for granted and are thankful for everything that you have achieved. 

Additionally, many people don’t realize that gratitude in itself is a spiritually fulfilling act. It elevates your well being to a new level where you are able to open your heart to new gifts, guidance, and success. 

7. Don’t Be Afraid To Ask For Guidance

An important part of seeing the number 1111 is realizing that guidance is always there when you need it. 

It doesn’t matter where you are in life, you will always need some kind of help or clarification to get to the bottom of any issues or simply to see the next steps that you need to take. 

Guidance doesn’t necessarily have to come from a spiritual source. You can find guidance through a friend, loved one, or mentor. Just make sure you find someone who you trust and someone who you know can objectively help you with your issue. 

However, don’t dismiss inner guidance. We all have the ability to offer guidance to ourselves and to offer suggestions for problems that we are facing. Sometimes a little soul searching will offer up all the guidance you need. 

8. Your Twin Flame Is Near

Many people firmly believe that seeing the 1111 angel number is a sign that your twin flame is near. 

In case you’re not familiar, a twin flame is simply the other half of your soul. There are many theories that suggest that an individual soul splits when ascending into a high frequency. Afterwards, the 2 halves of a soul will land in 2 different bodies. 

It is important to note that a twin flame is not the same as your soulmate. There is a fundamental difference as your twin flame doesn’t even necessarily have to be someone you fall in love with. 

So, then by seeing the number 1111, your guardian angels are letting you know that you are very close to your twin flame and will potentially meet them in the near future. 

9. Oneness!

Seeing 1111 is a reminder that you are one with yourself, and the whole universe, including anything and everything that exists inside of it. 

All life and material matter as we know it was born from the same initial place. We often seem to forget that we are connected to people in such a profound way. 

That’s why seeing 1111 comes as a reminder to you, so that you let go of the hate and negative energy that has built up, and open up your heart to that which comes from the same origins as you; everything. 

Everything that exists is interwoven and interconnected. 

10. Self-Esteem Should Be Your Priority 

One aspect of seeing 1111 is that your angels have noticed that you often focus on what other people think of you. Being obsessed with this can take away a lot of joy and positive energy from your life. The main problem is that you tend to focus on negative energies when your self esteem is low. 

Your angels want to send you this message to encourage you to love yourself and focus on your individualistic tendencies and intuition instead of listening to, or worrying about what other people have to say. 

Let go of that need to get the most ‘likes’ for a selfie. Let go of that pressure you put yourself under to get every strand of hair just perfect. Perfection doesn’t exist, and it should never be something that you should try to reach. 

Yourself worth comes from yourself, and not from others. So don’t let other people dictate how you see yourself and how you present yourself to the world. 

One of your biggest priorities in life, if you haven’t already done so, is to be content with who you are and to love yourself for the unique individual that you have become.

11. Something Big Is About To Happen 

One common interpretation of 1111 is that something quite big will be happening in your life very soon. For the most part, this will be something in the spiritual realm as 1111 is thought of as a grand number sequence. 

The big change then, will not be something solely focused on you, but will have a near universal impact on your life.

Your guardian angels want you to be dialed into the world as a whole, and not just live in your own little bubble. The world around you is a beautiful place, and beautiful things happen all the time. You just need to be open to them and accept them into your life. 

Furthermore, continually seeing the number 1111 can mean that you have an important role to play in the overall spiritual energy of the world. You provide an essential amount of positive energy and love through your thoughts and actions. 

All of this is incredibly necessary as you are needed to balance out the negative energies in the world. 

12. Let Go Of Fear

Your energies should be never be directed towards your fears in life. Doing so tends to only bring you the results that you fear so much. This self fulfilling prophecy is perhaps one of the toughest habits to get rid of. 

Focusing on fear will only result in fear. Focusing on goals and dreams will bring you your goals and dreams. 

You know what fears you have. You know they exist. It is time to put them on a shelf, while you finally start to focus all of your energy and time on the things that will actually make you happy. 

Your fears won’t make you happy. They won’t bring you health, wealth, or love. So why are you thinking about them so much? 

Reversing this cycle is by no means an easy feat. But using positive affirmations, you can slowly train your mind to stop giving so much attention to the wrong things, and to start giving attention to the right things. 

13. New Beginnings Are On The Horizon

A big part of a new beginning is being able to let go of old failures and hardships. Doubts of the past should stay in the past, while excitement for the future should rise.

Your new chapter is starting, and the only way to make room for this beautiful new beginning is to rid yourself of old habits and energies that have taken you down. 

By doing this, you allow yourself to be open to new experiences and to fully take in this upcoming chapter in your life. 

You will notice a lot of sparks of inspiration, motivation, and joy in the near future, so be ready to take any and all new challenges that accompany this new beginning!  

What To Do When You See 11:11

So far we’ve established that one of the main reasons that you’re seeing 1111 is because it serves as a wake up call to you. The extent of the wake up call depends entirely on you and your life. 

It could be that you are being urged to rekindle your passion again. Or find your passion in general and work towards it.

That is why one of the very first things you need to do when you see the number 1111 is ask yourself; “What dreams do I have that I want to manifest into reality?”

The answer to this question will direct your thoughts and subsequently your actions into taking the first steps to achieving your dreams. By realizing your dreams, and thinking about them, you create vibrations and energies that get sent out into the universe. 

That is why it’s important to focus on the positive and on what you want, as opposed to what you don’t want. Those vibrations and energies attract compatible counterparts, further helping you step into the right direction. 

You must always remember that you are the one who creates your reality, and in turn, destiny. You decide, through your thoughts and actions where your life is headed. 

Ever wonder why some people just can’t seem to get their life in order and are stuck in an endless loop? Much of it has to do with their mindset and how they go about their daily life. Many of these people tend to be filled with hate and negative energy, largely focusing on what they don’t want, or focusing on other people to take down. 

None of that becomes the recipe to a happy and fulfilled life. 

Always remember, that where you are right now is a direct result of your thoughts and actions in the past. Furthermore, your future will be a direct result of your thoughts and actions starting right now. 

That’s why you should never forget that your whole life is simply a culmination of all of your thoughts and actions. 

1111 is a simple nudge to get you to change your mindset now and not wait for the right time. There will never be a right time. 

What 1111 Means For Love

Love is a fascinating subject when it comes to the number 1111. Earlier, we determined that this number is heavily linked with an awakening. For the most part, we talked about this awakening in your personal life in terms of your dreams and goals. 

However, this awakening can go far beyond that. A love awakening is a very real result of seeing 1111. It is a way for your guardian angels to guide you towards a different way of thinking about love and relationships. 

You may be single and jaded, always hoping to find your dream partner in a movie like scenario. Waiting and waiting for love to come towards you as you remain closed to all the opportunities that are out there.

If this speaks to you, then know that seeing the number 1111 is a message that you need to change your way of thinking and awaken from the cinematic notions of love. 

Open your heart for love and let people in. That is the only way you can be sure to find it. Additionally, it is time you stop hoping for love to come to you. You have to be ready and willing to find it as well. 

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