3 Reasons Why You Should Make Your Dreams Come True

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Do you sometimes see other people who travel around the world, leave their workplace to start their own business or drink their morning coffee in a village in Thailand? Do you admire other people for the way they live their dreams? Do you read blogs of people who are about to realize their own dreams? Are you inspired by them?

Do you also wish with all your heart to follow your dream, but you always find yourself running in circles? Do you have the voice that keeps telling you… “Oh no, what about the apartment, the job, what if it doesn’t work?”

These are almost exactly the questions that have been buzzing around in my head for years, sometimes more quietly, sometimes with deafening noise. My big dream was a trip around the world. I also dreamed of going through the days without hurrying, and without any appointments. Since I had already worked as a management consultant and project manager in large companies, this was exactly what I wanted.

There Is No Perfect Time

For years I have been trying to find the so-called perfect time for the journey, which of course does not exist. And so the years passed. I was at the top of the career ladder, and at the bottom of the happiness ladder.

When I started to deal more intensively with personality development and training and felt my heart burning with these topics, the covers fell from my eyes: There is no reason not to fulfill my dreams!

Overcoming Fear

Fear is your only excuse not to follow your dreams. But I don’t want to live in fear, I want to live in love and abundance. When I finally realized this, I quit my job, bought an old RV in 3 months, and completely renovated it.

Today I am sitting in California, overlooking the crystal clear ocean, and I am infinitely grateful for my life, for the realization of my dreams and for my courage.

And that is exactly what I should do! And so should you!

Say Goodbye To Fear And Hello Hello Life

We all want to be happy.

What if you were suddenly no longer afraid? No fear of existence, no fear of being without money or love? No fear that your idea won’t work?

Right, then you’d be doing what would make you truly happy.

The ultimate goal of everyone is to be happy. We consume to artificially create our happiness. We buy clothes, Apple products, and we are happy for people on Instagram.

In the short term this can make us really happy, but somehow this feeling never seems to last, because what makes us really happy comes from from within, and is completely independent from the outside.

I am convinced that EVERYONE should realize their dreams, whatever they may be.

3 Reasons Why YOU Should Fulfill Your Dreams

1) You only live once

We all received this precious gift of life from our parents. Do something about it! Be brave, and make your life YOUR story. Write your life the way YOU want it, not the way society dictates it. Imagine you are an 80-year-old man or woman sitting in a beautiful place, looking back on their great life. What should not be missing in this memory? Do exactly that, now!

2) Only YOU can create luck

Only you can determine your happiness. If you are dissatisfied with your current situation, be it your job or your relationship: only YOU can change something about it. Too often we wait for others to change just to be happy. But we don’t do anything to change ourselves. Ultimately, everyone strives for “ultimate happiness”, but very few are willing to go out and change anything. Fulfill your dream to have more of what makes you happy in your life.

3) Listen to your heart

In a sense, we are programmed to follow our minds and not our hearts. With the words “turn on your mind” or “be reasonable” I have internalized this since my childhood. It is not so easy to give more attention to love and to trust the heart. But it is possible and infinitely satisfying. Your heart knows exactly what is good for you. In the end, it is the decisions you make with your heart that you remember and that make you happy, not the decisions you make with your mind. This does not mean that you have to turn off your mind, but let the voice of your heart speak a little louder than the voice of your mind from time to time. That way it will be easier to realize your dreams.

Well, what are you waiting for?

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