3 Reasons Why You Can’t Manifest Your Dream Life

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I keep writing about the law of attraction, how your thoughts create your reality and how you create everything you want. But I am suddenly realizing that you may not yet be able to manifest certain things. And that’s what this article is about. Today, I will be covering the 3 possible reasons for why you may not be able to manifest certain things yet.

Law Of Attraction

Surely you have heard of the law of attraction. In case you’re new to the concept, it is a universal law that applies to all people, whether they believe in it or not. Basically, it says that we have the ability to create the circumstances in which we live and wish to live. If we really understand the law of attraction, we can consciously use it to make all our dreams come true.

But what happens if you follow all the “rules” of the Law of Attraction and haven’t seen your dreams come true? There are 3 possible reasons if this is the case for you:

1. You manifest yourself AGAINST the plan of your soul

This may sound a little esoteric, but in reality, every person on earth has a very specific purpose. I like to talk about the purpose of our soul, because I firmly believe that before our soul incarnates in a body, our soul makes its own plan of what it wants to live and do in this life.

I personally do not believe that every action and every situation in our life is predetermined, but I imagine my life more like a journey: I have defined several “imperatives” that I want to stick to, but I decide spontaneously what happens in between. As long as I don’t deviate completely from my itinerary, but only take small detours and stop at all the places I have defined beforehand, everything is fine.

If you are simply not able to manifest something specific in your life, it is possible that the fulfilment of your wish clearly goes against the plan of your soul. Since almost none of us consciously have any idea of our life plan, we cannot see why our wish does not manifest.

To avoid manifesting against your soul plan, you must wish as openly as possible. For example, if you want to attract your dream partner, you must not think of a particular person in your life, but must think of all the qualities that person must have and how you feel when you are with that person. The same applies to your work and all other areas of your life.

2. There is something better out there for you

Another reason why your dream might not come true could be that there is something better for you. Often we get so stuck in a wish that we don’t even think that there might be something else out there that is much better for us. Surely there were times in your life when something went wrong, be it a relationship, a job interview or the promise of your so-called dream apartment, and you thought afterwards: “Thank God it didn’t work out then, otherwise I would never have met my current boyfriend, or started my own business or travel to another country!”

Personally, I firmly believe that the universe doesn’t deal with “no” but instead deals with “I have something better for you”.

3. You still have to learn before your wish comes true

The third reason that the manifestation of a particular wish may not come true is that you are not willing to receive this gift. You may have to learn something before the wish comes true. For example, if you want to manifest a large sum of money, you may not be willing to have that much money in your possession. Many lottery winners, for example, have lost all the money they have won after a few months or years: they have never learned how to invest or save, and in their first euphoria they simply spent all the money they earned on things that don’t set them up for a good financial future.

This is exactly what could happen to you if your wish were to manifest itself now. Maybe the universe just wants to give you a little more time to “practice” with the money you already have, so that you can improve your financial education and work on your money mentality?


If you are working with the law of attraction, but a certain desire simply won’t manifest itself, it may be due to one of the three reasons I mentioned in this article. If your wish still does not manifest later, be patient: you may have to wait a little longer before you are ready to receive your gift from the universe. One thing you can be sure of: The universe is always listening.

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