4 Tips For Making Faster Decisions!

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Do you hate making decisions? Does it take you forever to decide on a loaf of bread at the bakery? And do you always wonder if it wouldn’t have been better to take the other job offer? Then this article is exactly what you need! In it you will learn four tips to make decisions faster and easier!

The Situation

We all know the hesitation when we are faced with a difficult decision. For example, when we have to decide on a college major, a city or a job, we usually think very carefully about the option we want to choose. It is not surprising that these are important decisions that strongly influence the direction of your life. Many people find it difficult to make a decision, even in relatively unimportant situations. For example, it takes them forever to decide between pizza or pasta or red or white wine in an Italian restaurant.

For my part, I always weigh my options and the consequences of my decisions carefully. I used to spend a lot of time on it, so I make decisions slowly. Important decisions cost me a lot of time and energy. At some point I realized this and I looked for strategies to be able to decide faster. Fast forward to today, and I would say that it is easy for me to make a decision. 

4 Tips That Helped Me Make Fast Decisions

1. Recognise that there is no right or wrong

This is especially true when it comes to important decisions. The fear of making the wrong decision often paralyses us and prevents us from making a decision at all. However, you can easily relieve this pressure to make the best decision by becoming aware that you cannot make the right or wrong decision. Whichever direction you choose, you will never know what would have happened if you had made a different decision. Knowing this alone has made the choice easier.

2. Listen to your heart

What sounds like a kitschy cliché is actually a serious bit of advice: learn to listen less to your head and more to your heart when making big decisions. You can call it intuition or instinct. The main reason why we are not satisfied with a decision in hindsight is – in my opinion – that we choose the “more reasonable” or easier way: We let our mind decide when our heart really wants something else.

But how can you hear the soft voice of your heart among all the loud voices in your head? By learning to feel within yourself again, for example through meditation. As I have worked a lot on personality development and spirituality, I find it much easier to make decisions because I have learned to trust my intuition again.

You can also try to find out what your heart desires with a simple trick: Toss a coin. The voice of your heart is the voice that waits for the coin to fall to the side as soon as it is in the air. This has helped me with pro lists in the past: Sometimes before making tough decisions, I would write down the pros and cons of each option. If I had more disadvantages and fewer advantages in one option than in the other, and then desperately tried to find more advantages, I knew how to make a decision.

3. Set a time limit

The third strategy is very pragmatic: in order to avoid blocking a decision forever, it is better to set a deadline for it. This is particularly effective if your choice involves an investigation. For example, if I want to book a flight, I deliberately set a deadline within which I look for and compare different options. But then you have to book them, otherwise I would spend weeks searching for the perfect case and spend too much time on it. Once I have booked, I naturally do not look any further. So I can’t be annoyed if there would have been a cheaper flight (see point 1).

4.  Once you have made a decision, keep it.

My final advice is this: once you have made your choice, get involved. You have made your choice, and that is good. So stop doubting your decision or wasting your energy by thinking about it longer! As you have learned in point 1, there are no good or bad decisions. And if in a few weeks or months you find that you would have preferred another option after all, you can always decide to make a new choice. But now stick with your decision and go 100% without leaving the second option open.

Now it’s your turn! Do you have difficulty making decisions? Do you think that the four strategies can help you?

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