6 Morning Rituals To Help You Start The Day

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The first minutes of the morning have a significant impact on how we feel the rest of the day.

That is why I don’t leave the way my morning begins to chance, but have a specific ritual for each morning I follow that prepares me for the day.

These habits are fundamental. Even if I wake up wrinkled, they help me to concentrate and not start one of those days where everything just seems to go wrong. And if everything goes wrong anyway, at least not to lose my mind and my composure.

I have been experimenting with my morning rituals for more than two years now. And that’s why I now want to share with you some of my best morning rituals. I don’t want to encourage you to simply copy them, but rather to encourage you to experiment for yourself which morning rituals are good for you.

So how do I start my morning?

Make Your Bed

One of the first things I do every morning is make my bed.

Sounds trite, but it’s one of my favorite habits these days. For years, my bed at night has been exactly as I left it in the morning. Pillows and blankets were thwarted. For me this was the best order. What is the point of making the bed if I have to go back to sleep in 16 hours anyway?

Tim Ferris said it best: “Making the bed not only satisfies my sense of order, but also gives me the feeling that I have always achieved something”.

So I spend ten seconds fixing the bed and then I start the day feeling that I’ve already achieved something. This feeling paves the way for the rest of the day: it gives me a better chance of keeping and achieving goals I have left for the day.

Imagine the opposite: Early in the morning you start thinking about something and don’t achieve it. How does this affect the rest of your day? Are you motivated to work on your projects or to push them forward?

Those 10 seconds in the morning when I make the bed have a big impact on my motivation for the rest of the day.

Yoga – physical exercises

In my life I have identified at least four interconnected areas in which I would like to feel comfortable. One of these areas is my body (the other areas are: my social life, my emotional state and my spirituality).

Through physical exercises such as yoga, neurological somatic reprogramming, or just simple push-ups, I feed myself and concentrate on my body. For me this is an optimal basis to start the day.

I remember a period (about 2 months) when I practiced yoga for an hour every morning. During the day I felt very centered – nothing could destabilize me.

Green Shakes

For my body to feel good, I need a diet that nourishes me and makes me feel good. That’s why every morning I mix 50% fruit with 50% greens like spinach, salad etc. and drink it as a shake.

First of all it is very tasty and secondly it make me feel good!


After brushing my teeth and doing yoga, I sit in my meditation corner and meditate for 20 minutes.

My meditation practice is a great gift for me. I started meditation in 2009 and since then I meditate daily. Meditation allows me to experience meaning on a deep level and helps me to be more relaxed and focused.

Meditation is also a reliable indicator of what I am feeling right now. When I am restless in meditation, I am often very stressed in everyday life. Then I realize that it is time to find a balance.

The journey of the heroes

After meditation, breakfast and training, I concentrate again on the inner self. I go into a deep trance light and imagine where and how I will be in five or ten years. I try to visualize the qualities I have achieved in my life and what is important to me.

Usually I see myself giving workshops and seminars, and having fun. But lately I have also been seeing myself walking around the world giving and receiving with heartfelt gratitude. It is always exciting to see the images that arise when I ask myself this question in trance.

I call this exercise “The Hero’s Journey” in reference to the book “The Hero’s Journey” by Stephen Gilligans and Robert Dilt.

MIT – The Most Important Task

When I am ready, I take care of my work and my plans for the day. But before I tackle concrete tasks, I determine the most important task of the day. My working day is successful when I have at least completed this task.

In this way, I make sure that I also complete tasks that are important for my long-term goals and that I do not just respond to urgent tasks, such as emails.

I choose a maximum of one or two important tasks for the day. In the past, I have been inclined not to set priorities and do my best. As a result, I was exhausted at night and had the feeling that I had not done enough.

After I have done the most important task, everything I do beyond that is a bonus. It is much more fun and I never feel like I have done too little.

These are my morning habits. How do you start your day in the morning? Do you have any rituals or habits, conscious or unconscious, that help you start your day in a pleasant way?

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