6 Ways To Conquer Self-Doubt

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You have left your comfort zone and set off to make your dreams come true and do your thing? Congratulations! But what if you suddenly start to doubt that it is the right decision? Now find out why these doubts are sometimes normal and how you can dispel them.

In this article, I would like to introduce you to my strategies with which I succeed in eliminating doubts and working on my dreams with new energy and confidence. These can help some of you to get back into a positive mindset!

1. You are not alone!

You’re not alone with your doubts. Like you and me, many others have dared to leave their comfort zone at some point. Knowing that doesn’t help me lose my temper on bad days. If you want, you can get in touch with other people and talk to them about the doubts that plague them at the moment and about the fact that they still won’t give up and continue doing their thing.

2. Explain your “why”

If you start doubting your path again, explain clearly why you are doing all this. What made you take this step in the first place? What is your vision? Why you? How do you want to live your daily life for the rest of your life? Who do you want to help with your project?

It helps me to remember in moments of doubt that I am doing all this to inspire people like you to do their thing and create their dream life. I also like to remember that I want to create the freedom to work from anywhere in the world and to build up a passive income so that one day I will have the financial security and the time to try out all the things and projects I have in mind but won’t make money with.

3. Connect with yourself

Doubts arise above all when we are not conscious enough to live in the present. Becoming conscious again helps me, for example, to reconnect with myself and with my inner voice or intuition. Therefore I started meditation some time ago. Other people achieve this through yoga, a relaxing bath or by spending time in nature.

4. Get inspired by books, podcasts and blogs

If you want to reduce the doubts in the long run, you cannot help but work on your mentality. In today’s age, there are many books, podcasts and blogs on topics such as personal development and spirituality. 

In the short term, specially written quotes and summaries of books and podcasts that I have read or heard before help me not to doubt myself. For this purpose I have my own notebook (ok, there are already two of them), in which I write everything down that touches me, triggers an aha-experience or makes me think in one way or another. When the doubt returns, I leaf through my notebook a little and usually find a quote or note from myself that makes me feel positive again.

5. When nothing helps…

But sometimes all this is not enough to free me from my doubts. From time to time, when everything is messed up again, I don’t feel like sitting around and meditating, watching or reading clever sentences.

In this case it is better to quit the job and try to distract myself from things. Maybe it will help you to really work on your sport. Or maybe you meet a good friend for a beer (or two …) Because even if you don’t want to believe it now – even your biggest doubts will eventually disappear if you ignore them enough. Hang in there!

6. Learn to let go and trust

A few months ago I had a very vivid dream in which I was waiting for a train. Suddenly there were two trains in front of me, which went to my destination. In this dream I tried to find out with the help of an app which train was the best for me, and why two trains were going to the same destination at the same time. While I was doing this, the two trains suddenly left and I had to wait for the next one. While I was still sleeping, I thought that next time it would be better to get on one of the trains and ask the conductor or the other passengers if it was the right train for me, instead of risking losing both again.

This dream showed me that I have to learn to let go and trust that I am on the right track. Since then, I have tried not to get tied down to one idea or project. I know what my goal is and I am constantly looking for ways to realize my dream, to help people and earn a living. This way I make sure I’m in the right place at the right time to take the bus that suits me best. But then I let myself go and trust the bus driver (-> life, universe, god, fate or whatever you want to call it) to take me to my destination.

Final Thoughts

I hope that I was able to assure you with my article that doubts are quite normal from time to time and should in no way prevent you from going your own way, creating your dream life and doing your own thing. You now know some strategies that will hopefully help you to overcome the phase of doubt next time and perhaps end it faster than last time. At the end of the day, we have no choice but to do our best day after day and believe that things are going as well as they are and that everything will turn out as we imagine it will – or better.

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