9 Habits That Can Change Your Life

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If you have ever discussed habits before, you certainly know how useful they can be and what positive effects they can have on your life.

But before we talk about specific habits, we need to start with some basics:

How do habits work?

Adopting a new habit means following a few simple rules. So consider the following points:

  • Don’t overdo it right away. Start small!
    One of the most common mistakes in developing new habits is doing too much at once. In fact, the decision to make a life change and integrate a new habit into your life often comes at a time when motivation is very strong. Unfortunately, this motivation decreases over time. So it becomes difficult to pursue more things, which requires a lot of effort. So it makes sense to first establish a small habit and then follow it consistently – there is still room for improvement! It is best to start slowly by implementing a new habit a few minutes a day, and then increasing from there.
  • Make a habit of what you already do regularly.
    It is also very beneficial to combine a new habit with an existing routine. For example, getting up in the morning, brushing your teeth, eating or going to bed is very suitable. I have found with myself and others that an invigorating and motivating morning routine brings a lot of energy for the day. The best thing is to find an activity you do every day and make it a new habit. In this way it is easier to remember.
  • Your new habit should lead you to your goals
    Choose a habit that will help you too. This new routine should bring you to a state you are striving for. So think carefully about what you want and where you want to start. With this goal in mind, it is much easier to develop and maintain a routine than if you don’t have one.
  • Perform the new routine regularly.
    If you want to get used to something, always do it when you intend to do it. And that is why the first point is so important. Start very small in order to finally get used to it. If you do the new routine irregularly, you will need more energy to stick with it. Once the routine is broken off, it is very easy to stop building a habit.

9 Habits That Can Change Your Life

Below are 9 habits that you can learn from and develop yourself:

  • Stretching, gymnastics, yoga or weight training
    For example, I do 15 minutes of yoga every morning right after getting up. I started with three minutes and gradually increased it. If you want to do something for your body on a regular basis, you can start with yoga. However, make sure to find out what interests you most.
  • Walking, running or cycling
    These are also a good way to make your body work and/or keep it working. Think about what is best for you and when you can make this a permanent part of your daily routine. Don’t forget to link it to something you do every day anyway. That way you can establish it over a long period of time. So for example, if you can realistically bike to work, you will find it very easy to build this new habit.
  • Meditation, relaxation or autogenic training
    I recommend that you do one of these exercises if you just want to disconnect for a bit. Take time to calm your mind and continue to relax.
  • Make statements, suggestions or questions
    I take three minutes every morning and ask myself questions like:
    • Why am I so happy?
    • What am I proud of?
    • Why will this day be so great?
    • etc.
      • My brain automatically finds the answers to these questions.

I also give myself positive suggestions, such as:
It’s gonna be a great day!
I am especially worried about (here I am imagining a situation of the day).
I will spend the day with lots of love (and feelings).
You can get used to that too. To have positive feelings for the day by simply having positive thoughts.

  • Reading and visualizing goals/dreams
    This is also a part of my morning routine. I write my most important goals on a few pieces of paper and read them for five minutes every morning. And in doing so, I imagine what it will be like to have achieved these goals. This exercise is very motivating for the day and will make it even easier to start the day with energy.
  • Write down your goals for the day
    Each morning, briefly write down the goals you want to achieve that day. Here too, the rule is: don’t plan too much. This will also help you to start the day with motivation and good feelings.
  • Keeping a success story
    I recommend that this exercise be performed mainly at night. Every evening, write down five beautiful moments of the day. Here you automatically concentrate on the positive events in your life. The key points of each moment are sufficient. This way you will develop more self-confidence in the long run and look more positive.
  • Keeping a gratitude diary
    Write down what you are grateful for in life. Again, it only takes a few minutes, and you regularly focus on the positive things.
  • Singing & dancing
    So you can start your day with a dance. You can listen to music and sing or dance to it. Give it a try. It will put you in a good mood.

Whatever new habit you start, don’t overdo it all at once. Start with one habit, and once it has become routine for you, you can establish others. It is best to decide now and start implementing it tomorrow.

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