9 Tips To Live a Successful Life

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The concept of success is still controversial in our society!

People define it through money, prestige and materialism. A dangerous combination when you consider that it leads to a constant search for more.

More money!
More prestige!
More things!

This behaviour is due to people’s unconsciousness resulting from social conditioning.

We have been told from an early age how to be, think and act. This led to the adoption of externally determined values, which millions of people today strive for.

I urge you to break away from these externally determined values and to recognise what you really want!

The ideal images imposed by our society do not necessarily correspond to your own attitudes.

Why does the pursuit of money and prestige not make you happy!

The difference between the social and individual definitions of success become clear when you look at the many unhappy faces you encounter every day.

Behind them are unhappy people who compulsively try to fit into the web of society, even if they were not born there.

It is like forcing a fish to live on land!

Every human being can lead a life that corresponds to their values, talents and preferences. Only in this way can we enjoy a fulfilled life and feel satisfaction!

It is up to you to recognize your values, talents and preferences and to find ways to bring them into our society in a meaningful way.

Although it is not always easy under today’s conditions, I am convinced that you can do this.

I believe in you.

Success that suits you

I try to live and communicate a new definition of success.

First of all, success has nothing to do with money, prestige or materialism. Although each of these components can play an important role in the success of life.

Success is individual and varies from person to person.

You are successful if you live your life according to your values, talents and preferences and if you find a way to integrate them meaningfully into society.

This path enables you to lead a self-determined life that corresponds to your ideal. In this state you can develop your potential.

  • Like a bear in the woods.
  • Like a fish in water.
  • Like a bird in the air.

Society wants you to fight for its given values. But you have the responsibility to take your life into your own hands.

Looking for your own path

Seldom have we been taught to think and consciously recognize our path.

Sad, but true: In our society, people are simply not able to recognize from the heart what they want.

We have never used this natural ability and have to train it again!

The following, often seemingly useless exercises will help you to recognize your individual path or your personal perception of success.

1. Meditate

Regular meditation helps you to stop the constant flow of everyday thoughts. Meditation helps you find your center.

Meditation increases the level of your consciousness and self-determination.

The following are some reasons I like to use for meditation:

  • Conscious “observation” of your breathing

Imagine you are a guard at the entrance or exit of your nose and consciously observe every breath that passes by.

  • Guided meditations

These are audio files that take you on a journey of meditation. You can find these guided meditations on YouTube or Spotify/iTunes.

  • Colouring Mandalas

I am not 100% sure that painting mandalas is by definition a meditation, but it is a great way to switch off your thoughts and go into the NOW.

2. Travel

The value of travel lies in the experience of new perspectives that allow you to see the world from a different lens.

To consciously question the status quo of our society during and after the trip:

  • Why we act, how we act.
  • Are there other ways to meet the challenges?
  • How do other cultures react to social changes?

3. Reading books

Reading valuable books is one of the most important elements on the way to a self-determined life!

Many authors have put all their knowledge into their books and are available to you on this path as personal mentors.

4. Write

Writing can open doors to previously unknown worlds!

Indeed, writing requires reflection and the establishment of a personal opinion. In oral communication, we often remain stuck on the surface without consciously engaging ourselves.

Try it out! Think about the topic you are interested in and write about it.

5. Training

Probably the most effective method of transforming foreign influences and recognizing one’s own values or integrating them into one’s own life is working with a coach.

Almost all coaches I know offer a free, non-binding initial consultation, which gives you the opportunity to clarify whether cooperation is possible.

You can find these services on the web. If you would like recommendations, please do not hesitate to contact me.

6. workshops, seminars, online courses

Learn more, develop your social skills and put your knowledge into practice.

Only through action can your knowledge create value. Unused knowledge has no value!

7. broaden your horizons

Get into the habit of always thinking outside the box!

One way to do this is to undertake extraordinary activities that are not commonplace for you.

Jumping out of an airplane with a parachute, learning another language, living as a vegetarian for a month, lying on the grass for 5 minutes, etc.

There are no limits to your imagination. Make sure that you keep moving and that your life doesn’t fall asleep.

I am a fan of the concept of a “bucket list”. It’s a list of 100 activities that you would like to do in your life.

8. Evaluation

A sincere feeling of appreciation is one of the most important qualities for a self-determined and fulfilled life.

Write down 10 things that are important to you every day and that justify this appreciation.

For example:

  • I value being healthy because it allows me to fulfill my heart’s plans.

Of course you can also be grateful for the gifts your colleagues give you:

  • I appreciate the support of my husband/wife, because they give me stability on my path.

With this sincere feeling of appreciation you will feel satisfaction, perceive the beautiful things in your life and sharpen your eye for excellent opportunities.

The appreciation exercise mentioned above can work wonders, believe me.

9. Do something

Recognizing and living your values is an interaction between reflection and application.

Most people collect an infinite amount of knowledge, do a thousand courses, buy a new book every day and forget the most important things:

  • integrating knowledge and skills into one’s actions.

Any knowledge that only sleeps in your head is worthless.

Preserve your values, act accordingly and change your world!

Do what you have to do

Imagine a world in which you live according to your values, preferences and talents, far away from social norms, social networks or the expectations of your fellow human beings.

You go your own way, inspire the people around you and redefine the status quo.

It is possible and it is time to start!

I believe in you.

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