Alex Trebek | The Quiet Master of Life Path Number 7

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We all know Alex Trebek as the host of the game show Jeopardy. 

Lately unfortunately, he came into the public spotlight with his diagnosis of stage IV pancreatic cancer. 

A diagnosis with a short expiration date. 

However, Alex Trebek seemed to prove that statement wrong. When he was diagnosed in March 2019 he had an 18% chance to survive another year. 

Well it is July 2020 and he is still here and going strong.  

And we should not be too surprised, because Alex Trebek was born on 

July 22, 1940, and faith gave him the strength and protection of the life path number 7.

Let’s have a look how the attributes of life path number 7 has manifested and guided his life. 

Alex Trebek with the life path number 7 can be social as he proved with his careers as a television personality and host of game shows. 

But he really needs his privacy and a sacred space, where he can reflect and recharge, even meditate.

As a number 7 person he is very spiritual and he needs to live his spirituality and find the base of his faith. 

If he cannot do that he might become cynical, but working on the spiritual side of who he is, actually helps him on a mental and physical level. 

That does not mean that he has to be extremely religious, it rather means he found his inner peace and balance. 

Whenever he needs to withdraw from his busy daily life or needs to sooth his overly-active mind he most likely will go to a place in nature, close to water, be it the ocean, a lake or river. 

Water has a very calming effect on the life path number 7, and Alex will know this.

Alex Trebek is all about seeking the meaning of life.

He might experience a fear of being vulnerable, but with the development of trust and openness he overcame this fear or at least can control it.

Even if he might suffer from depression once in a while, using his highly analytical and intuitive abilities will always bring him back to a path of joy and gratitude. 

His life path with the number 7 is mainly about learning how to acknowledge and connect with both aspects of himself – his analytical side and the intuitive side of him. 

By balancing those two sides his mental strength is a strong aspect in his healing journey. 

He is a man who likes to enjoy the nice things in life. Good quality food will always be the preference to fast food. And in his case this is imperative to his healing process. 

With the life path number 7 the universe has given Alex Trebek an extreme strength to overcome personal as well as health challenges. 

And if we look back at his experiences we can definitely get a glimpse of this man’s enormous power to bounce back from whatever was thrown at him.

Alex Trebek had suffered two minor heart attacks. One in December, 2007 and another one in June 2012.   

In July, 2011 he injured his Achilles tendon while chasing a burglar who had entered his hotel room in San Francisco. 

It is worth mentioning that at this time Alex was 71 years old. He definitely is not the person to mess with. 

In  December, 2017, he had to undergo surgery to remove blood clots from his brain, caused by the consequences of a fall in October of the same year.

And finally, in March, 2019, Alex Trebek had been diagnosed with stage IV pancreatic cancer. For the majority of the people this is a death sentence. They would be advised to get their affairs in order and say goodbye to their family and friends.

But not for Alex Trebek. If you see him in his interviews he presents himself with dignity, a quiet humour and the gratitude for a good life.

During all his health problems Alex was never a man to take prolonged breaks. He would return to his game show as the host he is, not the star, as he pointed out once. 

The real stars of the show are the candidates, and he will support and make them feel comfortable in his almost spiritual manner, with the intention to help them through this exciting experience.

Even during his cancer treatment and while on lock down Alex Trebek wrote his memories. 

A book he never intended to write, but being faced again with mortality he decided to be in “control of his own story”, being a true number 7 life path number by ensuring that the truth is published. 

Alex Trebek decided to go for an experimental cancer treatment and it seems to work very well for him.

He says he is suffering from fatigue, but it never shows. 

It is so representative for a life path number 7 to reflect into the depth of his own thinking, analysing and dissecting all information, and using his intellectual, spiritual and intuitive abilities to come to an independent decision about which way to go. 

With his life experience and the guidance of his life path number 7 Alex Trebek has learned to trust in his own abilities and draw from his skills and knowledge to make independent decisions in a calm and reserved manner.

It is not surprising, that wherever he goes the respect of his fellow human beings will flow to him easily. 

The number 7 has provided him with a deep interest in philosophical and cultural interest, a love for the sensual things in life, for the deeper meaning of  being here on earth.

He consumed his often harsh experiences and painful lessons with acceptance and the ability to benefit from and use them for his own personal growth. 

Alex Trebek as the true master of his life path number 7 will never give up, will continue to plan future projects with the understanding that life itself is the greatest challenge to be mastered.

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