How Negative Beliefs Shape Your Life

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In this article, we will explain how our beliefs influence our lives and how we can manage to dissolve negative beliefs that are not good for us.

Examples of negative beliefs:

“I’m not worth it.”

“I’m always unlucky”

“I have no right to succeed.”

“Life is not a bed of roses.”

“Money corrupts character”

Are you familiar with these sentences? Negative beliefs rule our lives. They prevent us from reaching our fullest potential and even from being happy and successful. Every thought/belief creates a resonance field, and everything that resonates with our resonance field is inevitably drawn into our lives.

What is a dogma?

Dogmas are learned or acquired beliefs, experiences and lessons from childhood or messages that we have stored as truth. But beliefs can also develop later in life and be influenced by peers or colleagues: For example, when we hear our peers say over and over again: “You can’t do this,” we will one day believe it and consider it as a set of unconscious beliefs. This negative belief will then become our deepest conviction and will eventually be confirmed from outside. Conversely, of course, it also manifests itself in the positive messages we receive.

If you have heard a message repeatedly, it is stored in your brain. You are finally convinced of it. For example, if you have repeatedly heard that “you are a failure”, that “you are not getting anywhere in life”, then you probably have difficulties believing in yourself and succeeding. The messages that you give yourself also become your truth.

If, as a child you only got your father’s attention when you were successful in school, you received the message that you are only worth something when you are successful. You probably judge others in the same way. You unconsciously equate success with recognition and love. Or, if your alcoholic mother never cared for you, you may realize that you are not important. You probably don’t take yourself seriously either. This is not a good prerequisite for a fulfilled life.

“I always end up with the wrong men” indicates that you have not had positive childhood experiences with your father or other men around you. Or you have had the experience that your mother was verbally or physically abused by men. This is what you saved as a child and accepted as true. Later you will always attract these men into your life because you know them well. Even if your mind tells you it’s not true.

Your Stories Will Always Repeat

Why do you not succeed despite a good education? Why can’t you live happily in society? Do you always remain an outsider in a group?

You live in your “little world”, which is the result of your messages and experiences. So you perceive the world only through these glasses. Your colleagues wear different glasses. So it is possible that two people experience the same thing – and yet something completely different.

Who Are You Really?

How do you manage to become free again and live your divine presence, to shape your life yourself and to be in fullness and lightness?

The recognition of unconscious structures and messages is the first step. Becoming aware of negative beliefs means being aware of what bothers you, and what you don’t seem to change, as well as the evaluations you give about yourself or others.

You can ask yourself a few questions about this:

Which situations do you want to change in your life?

What is repeating itself in your life and ask yourself why?

How do you react to this and how do you feel about it?

Are there negative experiences in your childhood that still shape you today?

What conclusions have you drawn from them?


Nobody should underestimate the power of thoughts, because every deep thought triggers a chain reaction in us, which can have both positive and negative effects. Positive beliefs can inspire and move us forward, while negative beliefs hinder us in many areas and prevent us from being happy and content.

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