How To Add A Touch Of Magic To Your Life

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Do you want your life to be truly magical? To feel good about what you do, that you go your own way and that you are grateful day after day for everything you have in life? In this article you will learn exactly how you can do this.

Intuition Versus Mind

We all have two voices within us that communicate with us daily: The voice of our mind and the voice of our intuition, also called the inner voice, the visceral feeling or the voice of your heart. These two voices help us to make important and less important decisions and are essentially responsible for our daily actions. For most people the voice of the mind is stronger than the voice of intuition.

Why Our Intuition Is Often The Best Advisor

While we usually react intuitively in our childhood, over the years we are taught to use our minds and make rational decisions. Many people have even completely forgotten to listen to their inner voice. In most cases, however, our intuition is a much better guide than our mind. While our mind makes decisions based on previous experience and learned information, our intuition is much more involved in the decision-making process. It comes partly from the collective consciousness, to which we all have access, partly from our subconscious. Maybe you know this: You have a bad feeling about something, but you cannot describe why and you do it anyway. Later it turns out that your intuition was right and you prefer to let it stay.

My story 

When I quit my full-time job in early 2018 to have more time for blogging, I tried, in various ways to earn enough money to pay my rent and make a living until I had earned enough with this blog. One of the possibilities was a part-time job in an advertising agency. I liked this job, I only had to go to the office for two and a half days and the salary wasn’t bad – in fact it was exactly what I was looking for: a secure income and enough time for my blog on the side. Even though my mind told me that this was the perfect job for me, somehow it didn’t feel right. My inner voice told me that there was something better for me. When I learned to listen to my intuition back then, I finally quit my new job during my probationary period. And what should I say? Now, 5 months later, I work independently for my own customers. 

How Your Life Becomes Extraordinary When You Listen To Your Intuition

So, once again, our mind normally makes rational decisions. It is often the rational in us, the sailor who prefers to stay in a haven of peace, who knows the inside and knows that there are fewer dangers lurking there than when sailing at sea. Our heart, however, is the voice that yearns for adventure. It already knows what awaits us, even if we do not yet have the slightest idea of it.

If you want your life to be magical, you must learn to stop your mind from time to time and trust your intuition – even if it is not always easy!  

Do you think I was afraid to leave my part-time job without having a good start and without knowing what would follow? Of course! But I did it anyway, and I did not regret it for a second.

But what if your inner voice is so soft that you can’t hear it anymore? Don’t worry, fortunately there are different ways to learn to trust yourself and your intuition again. One of them is meditation.

How You Can Strengthen Your Inner Voice

I have already mentioned several times in my blog that I am a big fan of meditation. One of the many things you can achieve with meditation is to strengthen your intuition and to reconnect more with your inner voice. Through meditation you learn to let your mind rest for a short time and to concentrate more on yourself, your feelings and your perception. You will gradually connect more with your intuition, so that you can hear your inner voice more easily. 

How To Know If You Are Following Your Heart

When you begin to listen more to your inner voice and follow your heart, your life begins to become magical. Then the doors will open and paths will open that did not exist before. The more you follow your heart, the more “coincidences” occur: People who have exactly what you are looking for will come into your life at the right time. Everything seems to go much more smoothly than before, and many good things will happen to you “just like that”. You think of something – and a little later it will happen. For example, I haven’t had to do any customer acquisition so far because most of my customers came to me by chance and recommended me from all corners of the internet.

Does this mean that every day is easy and that you just sit back and do nothing because everything happens by itself? Of course it doesn’t! Even if you follow your heart, you have to overcome obstacles and work to make your dreams come true. But you will find that everything is much easier if you work with your heart and not against it. For even if you can ignore your heart’s voice for a short time – it will get louder and louder and sooner or later tell you that you have strayed from your path – it can be very unpleasant at first.


How do you make your life magic now? By listening to the voice of your heart. Take your chance when something feels right, even if there are many more reasons against it than there are for it. Trust your inner voice, it knows where it will lead you! And if something doesn’t go the way you want it to, or if you have a strange feeling, then please let it go. Later you will wish you had listened to your intuition from the beginning, I promise you!

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