How To Manifest ANYTHING In Life

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To manifest yourself means the conscious creation of your own reality.

And this is already the first important lesson for every manifestation:

No matter what you believe in – in your life, in your relationships or in your relationship to yourself – you will find evidence that it is in accordance with your beliefs, because your brain is trained to do so.

Manifestation Is simple

Convictions and assumptions are like glasses that you put on and through which you experience your surroundings and your life.

These glasses, which you eventually put on or have put on, now sit on the tip of your nose and force you to look through them until you take them off again.

You can always decide to take off your glasses and replace them with another pair. And even then you will still find evidence of the beliefs you now have about your life.

And so I ask you… Find exciting and inspiring beliefs – those that inspire you, that you find great, that give you great joy, that do good to yourself and to others.

The first step to manifesting everything you want in your life:

You must set a clear goal that you can keep in mind. You need to know why you want to reach this goal, because you need motivation to do so.

And when I set a clear goal, I don’t mean something as convincing as “I will make more money”.

Because it’s easy for you to find two pennies somewhere. So you got exactly what you wanted – more money.

Another undefined goal would be: “I want to finally lose weight”.

Then you could be three ounces lighter at the end of the year than you are today. So you got exactly what you wanted.

Another example is the sentence: “I want to get out of this stressful and unsatisfying job!

All right, you will get fired tomorrow. To earn money though, you will start in the next fast food restaurant the day after tomorrow . You will get exactly what you ordered here.

It’s very important that you say exactly what you want. Define your goal exactly.

For example, you want to have a hundred dollars more in your account by the end of the month, lose ten pounds by the summer, etc.

If you set yourself a clear goal, invisible levers come into play that will lead you exactly to your goal.

That’s why you need goals that fill you with fire and enthusiasm, so that you can jump out of bed in the morning and shout: “Yes, let’s go!

That’s why you need goals like that. If you do not have them, you will not act, you will not even notice that a door has just opened for you.

A big problem with many people is that they often try to see right up to the end of the lens. But doing so is not sustainable. You cannot know what your subconscious has chosen as the best next step for you.

It is therefore impossible to see in detail until the end.

Often, the path of your development also takes detours or is not linear. Because even the supposed detours, missteps or failures lead to the goal.

Let’s assume you are planning to drive from Boston to Buffalo. You do not expect to know every bend or stop in your head.

You would clearly define your destination, Buffalo, then pick up a map or a navigation system and drive off.

The first step would be to go out the front door, get in your car and take the highway.

Maybe you know the first route, as you have already driven this highway several times and know where to West. And then you should trust that there will be new signs to guide you on your way to Buffalo.

Do you understand this analogy?

You don’t have to look all the way ahead when you make a wish. Sometimes you get stuck because you don’t see all the way in front of you at first and therefore don’t even start walking. The fear of the unknown and the lack of trust in natural development hinder us.

Manifesting is an effortless success through these five steps

1. Find out what you really want and define your wish in concrete terms.

2. Don’t worry about intermediate stops on the way to your wish, as long as you already see yourself as the recipient of your wish.

3. Ask yourself: “How would I feel if my wish was already reality?”

4. Hold on to your wish until it comes true and do not give in to supposed setbacks or detours.

5. Regularly feel that you are already well equipped and trust that everything will go well for you

Act as you would with any delivery order:

You know what you want and so you order it.

Afterwards you can be sure that the delivery will be made soon. You don’t run around like a madman, checking your mailbox every two minutes to see if the order has been fulfilled, if there are any problems or anything else. You have ordered, you wait for the delivery and you continue your daily work.

If you know that the package will be sent safely, you don’t have to worry constantly about when and how fast it will arrive. On the contrary, you are sure that your package will arrive in about three days or so.

This is exactly how you have to act with every wish to manifest everything you wish for.

Be good to yourself and learn to manifest your wishes with confidence, strong thoughts and a clear vision.

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