How To Use The Law Of Attraction To Create Your Dream Life

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In this article you will learn a practical guide on how to use the law of attraction to help you achieve your goals more easily.

You will learn how, by consciously directing your attention, you can attract the things you really want in your life.

Through the Law of Attraction it is possible to achieve more love, success, happiness and wealth.

But the law of attraction is not a miracle cure. There are important things you need to consider if you want to get results.

What Is The Law Of Attraction?

The law of attraction says that what you focus on most in your life becomes more.

What you focus your thoughts on and the resulting feelings determine what you will ultimately draw into your life.

When you think all day long about how dangerous this world is, it seems even more dangerous.

So you create a dangerous world for yourself.

But when 90% of your thoughts are about what you want in your life, then you move more towards what you want in your life.

Consciousness Is The Basis

Since we humans often think on autopilot, we must first be aware of our thoughts.

After all, we have thought about most of them so often that we do not realize that we are constantly thinking about them.

Your personal inventory

An easy way to find out what you are focusing on right now is to take a look at your life.

To be specific, answer these questions:

What people do you spend time with?

How much money do you have?

Does your life seem exhausting or easy?

Do you have a happy relationship?

So choose the area of your life that you determine is worst and examine it more closely.

How do you feel about contact with others?

How do you think about work?

How do you think about money or success?

Take your time and be conscious of your recurring thoughts on these topics.

How does the law of attraction work?

In principle, the law of attraction works in that you consciously decide what you think.

Unfortunately, most people just let themselves think about it. They jump at every thought that comes along. Often this is not very pleasant.
Therefore, you need to become active yourself. Think more about the things you want in your life.

Think about thoughts that make you feel good. If you recognize a negative thought pattern, you might ask yourself: “What would I rather think?

For example:

A negative thought pattern would be: “I cannot achieve my goals.”

Question: “What would you rather think about?

Positive thought pattern: “I hold on to my goals with joy and ease.”

The first thought only seems so real to you because you have thought it several times before.

In reality neither of them is more real, and you are free to choose what you want to think.

If you want to make more money, you can imagine that your bank statement shows a good amount of money.

Make sure that the photo in your head is large and vivid.

Make the numbers big. And then make them bigger. Raise them disproportionately. Go through each of your sensory channels.

See how you want to spend your new money on the things you want.

Feel how good you feel with your money and how you will feel in your new car or with the partner of your dreams.

Smell the sea air.

Use as many sensory channels as possible. Make the picture as vivid as possible.

The “how” comes automatically when we know the “what”.

Our subconscious guides us on our way. It enables us to be active and find the way to the end.

Thus we align ourselves with the goal. The positive images in our head put us in an emotional state in which it is easy for us to work on the goal.

When visualizing, make sure that you always have an emotional connection to what you are visualizing.

I’m sure I can imagine being a billionaire tomorrow. But deep down, I don’t feel it.

However, when I imagine how my business will function in a year’s time, where I will live and with whom I will spend time, I immediately realize how the energy will begin to flow.

A pleasant feeling spreads in my chest.

It is a sure sign that I have an emotional connection to the goal.

On the one hand, there are the realists who say that we can only achieve our goals through hard work and concentrated efforts.

And then, there are the idealists. They say that all we have to do is make sure that our dreams are big enough and everything falls back on us.

I personally have chosen the golden middle. I like to dream with ambition. I like to have big, beautiful goals.

I also like to sit down and work towards them.

If we have big dreams and set ourselves realistic goals at the same time, then nothing stands in our way.

You have to improve slowly but surely.

Always keep the emotional connection to your goal.

Then move upward.

Decide With Your Heart

The law of attraction works very well when we try to manifest the things we really want from the heart.

Problems arise the moment we want something because “everyone else has it too” and we have been tempted to do so by society or advertising.

The goal is not important enough for us. It’s more of a “that would be pretty good” than a goal that we really want.

Be honest with yourself and see where your goals come from. Sometimes it can be incredibly comforting to put your goals aside.

Also, remember that everything that goes wrong in your life shows you your power. It shows you that you can create.

Rejoice in that. Don’t judge yourself. Everyone feels that way.

From now on, use that power more consciously for the things you want.

We often sit at home and visualize the things we really want.

But instead of imagining how we have already achieved this goal, we complain that we have not achieved it.

It’s a surefire way to create a lot of bad feelings and waste energy in an insane way.

It creates a sense of scarcity. True wealth in life rarely comes from scarcity.

Visualization is much more about imagining how a person who has already achieved all this would feel.

Look at it this way. The feeling is like this. Act that way.

This kind of visualization gives energy. It will lead you to act quickly and without blockages.

If you feel flooded with joy and power when you think about your goal, it will be ten times easier for you to act.

Right now, there is hardly any subject of self-expression as loaded as the law of attraction.

Skeptics and supporters alike engage in passionate and emotional discussions.

For my part, I have a relaxed attitude.

For me, the law of attraction is a useful tool that makes my life easier.

Whether cosmic forces are at work or whether quantum theory has something to do with it, I don’t care.

For me personally it works wonders, so I use it.

Therefore my request to you: See for yourself.

Put aside your skepticism for a moment.

Start with small, simple things and improve them bit by bit.

What doesn’t work is to imagine for two minutes that you are a millionaire and then conclude: “See, I told you so.”

Then show yourself and your subconscious again and again to show that much more is possible than you think.

Do everything you can to create reference experiences for yourself so that the law of attraction works for you.

Show yourself that your thoughts can actually become real.

As long as you concentrate on what you want to do.

The easiest way to convince yourself is to do experiments that we have done in our own bodies.

Eventually you will come to things you didn’t think were “real”.

Everything is possible if you believe in it.

When you are often sad, you often think sad thoughts.

If you have no self-confidence, you have thoughts of self-sabotage.

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