Leo and Life Path Numbers | The Secret Of Your Zodiac Sign

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The universe is ruling us, no matter if you believe in it or not. We are all part of the divine and formed by the rules of the stars and planets. 

The constellation of the universe at the time of our birth is like a birthmark, which we carry within us for the rest of our lives. 

The power of the universe is intertwined with the power of mathematics and therefore the numbers. Your birthdate is a string of those divine numbers, which will influence your personality, strength and weaknesses, but also give you guidance if you know how to read them and connect the wisdom of the numbers with the strength of your Zodiac sign.

Today we are talking about the Zodiac sign of Leo, which has its birth month right now, and we will explore your life path numbers in connection with this powerful sign.

The time period for the Zodiac sign of Leo is from July 23 until August 22nd. With the ruling planet of the Sun, Leo is a fire sign, making it naturally strong-willed, powerful and ambitious. 

The birthstone is the peridot. 

With the general attributes of the Zodiac sign of Leo you are among the most generous, self-confident and ambitious people. You are convinced of yourself and your abilities and know exactly how to captivate other people with your cordial manner. Due to your self-confident nature, you quickly put your opponents in the background. 

You love to receive and give compliments. You crave bathing in admiration and will freely spread your charme if that need is satisfied.

You are generous and like to give presents to friends, but often come across as selfish and vain. It might all be part of your natural strategy, because you know what you want and you are excellent at controlling situations.

Professionally, you can go far. Through your ambitions and self-confidence you often manifest your wishes and goals.  You love to live in luxury and will work very hard to achieve a luxurious life.  You will accept defeat if needed and will recover quickly, but usually will not admit any failures to yourself or your fellow human beings.

With the Zodiac sign of  Leo you have very strong powers of persuasion and can easily create a strong fellowship with friends and acquaintances, but you have to be the ruler, since you find it difficult to follow the orders and instructions of others. You have your own ideas and if those are disregarded by others, it can very quickly hurt your pride. 

When you are hurt you will become very loud and angry, roaring at whoever disagrees with you.  

As a woman you  love to be marvelled at and admired by men. Because of your seductive nature, you don’t find it difficult to attract the attention of men. 

 The Zodiac sign of Leo is known as the “star sign of strength and pride”.

Let us have a look how the attributes of the Zodiac sign of Leo work in combination with your life path number and which challenges you have to overcome. 

Life Path No. 1.

The life path number 1 is all about creative energy – not only in the arts but in any field where creativity produces new directions, approaches and solutions. 

The life path number 1 also vibrates a degree of innate insecurity, and feelings of inferiority.

However, with Leo as your Zodiac sign you very quickly overcome this and strive forward with your ideas and inspiration.Your creativity flows like a powerful stream. 

It is a pulsing energy, which has to be used before it explodes, and you have to be careful that this powerful stream does not push you into destruction. 

If the vibrations of the Zodiac sign of Leo combined with life path number 1 are not carefully guided in the right direction and your remaining energy is not used for physical activities, it can lead you into addiction and unhealthy habits. 

It is especially important for you to stay grounded, and take control of where you want to go.

If you can master this your energy is positively reflected, has an attractive and enchanting effect, encourages others to live their own creativity, and your goals and dreams are very quickly within reach.

Life Path No. 2.

The 2 stands for the tendency to exaggerate serving or helping. You give and give and finally might feel exploited and resentful.

If that happens you will resist through inner or outer withdrawal. 

However, with the powerful Zodiac sign of Leo you will become loud, angry and roaring to the people you try to support. 

You have to learn to give up responsibility, and not feel you are losing power. 

Your need for ruling your surroundings has to be controlled before it controls you. 

Even though people born under Leo have a natural self assurance, and confidence, but with the life path number 2 on your chart, it is very important to create balance. 

Let others take over when possible and refresh your batteries with activities which are beneficial for you.

You are well suited to leadership positions, and comfortable to be loyal and supportive of people and organization which will serve the common good.

With your enchanting and powerful personality you can easily build a strong community of followers to reach your goals.

Life Path No. 3.

Life path number 3 reflects your emotional and sensitive soul, but is also characterized by a powerful urge for self-expression.

Coupled with the zodiac sign of Leo you have a very strong and charismatic personality, which magnetised the people around you.

More than any other Leo you need the attention and admiration of your environment. 

If your urge to express yourself is blocked or not appreciated you can become aggressive and depressed. 

If you cannot find a way out and involve yourself positively with your surroundings you will pursue your goals through manipulation, sarcasm, and by insulting anybody you feel is in your way.

You have to work hard not to take criticism too personal and push your energy into expressions by enduring creative and constructive projects and plans.

The life path number 3 also stands for self-doubt, but as a Leo you will rather feel vindictive towards others. Use these strong energetic vibes to balance your energy, refocus on your charisma and you will have the supportive circle you need to go where you want to be. 

Life Path No. 4.

Life path number 4 stands for structure and stability, but can also dip to the opposite. 

You are an ambitious and outgoing problem solver with natural analytical talents who can achieve great things as a manager and organizer. 

The zodiac sign of Leo will enhance these qualities and it will be easy for you to go ahead and save the world.

However, by striving forward you sometimes lose your fellowship and when you turn around you will realise you have left them behind.

You have to give the people around you a chance to understand what you are looking for and what your plans are. You have to give them time to follow you, and meet them with patience instead of criticism.

Sometimes your rigid thinking about how the world “should be” gives you the feeling of you being the “general manager of the universe”.  

But you are not the only one who carries the responsibility of the world and you need to see and adapt to the structure around you. You have to open your mind for other people’s opinions and needs.

As a Leo you will carry out projects with great consistency and if you can cushion your strength with flexibility and can apply patience and perseverance, you will lay a stable foundation for your life, your family and friends achieving great things.

Life Path No. 5.

This life path number stands for freedom, for the drive to enjoy life in all its facets. You are lively, alert and a multi-layered spirit. 

Combined with the Zodiac sign of Leo you are almost unstoppable. But your need for attention and admiration is also multiplied to the point of obsession.

 If things do not go your way, if you endure slower times you can get bored quickly and will look for drama and excitement – even create it yourself.

You are the freedom-loving Leo, who can even convince those people to follow you, who are normally the complete opposite of your personality. 

As a Leo you love a luxurious life, but with the softening vibration of the number 5 you might turn your energy into different directions. 

Money is still very important to you, but your generosity towards people in need is more significant. 

New experiences and adventures, different avenues to express yourself are more important to you than consistent accumulation of wealth. 

The challenge for you is to find a balance between dependence and independence. If you feel people are relying too much on you, it will make you feel trapped, and is counter productive to your need for new experiences.

Life Path No. 6

The life path number 6 in your Zodiac sign as a Leo emphasizes your high ideals, high standards of beauty, purity, justice, fairness and authenticity. 

However, idealism and disappointment are close together, because the high expectations of people living under the sign of the 6 are as difficult to meet as the strong and often fierce demand of the zodiac sign of Leo.

Disillusionment is your big theme, also in the sense of disappointment, but if you dip back in the positive attributes of your Leo sign it can turn into the liberation from illusions. 

With the life path number 6, the zodiac sign of Leo has a real chance to mature, guide your abilities in a positive way to achieve goals and dreams not only for yourself, but also for the people around you. 

The life path number 6 will always push you to compare and compete with others, you might feel an unsettling impatience when meeting people who are already further along than you see yourself.

Use your charismatic Leo talents and overcome your 

resentment, accept life as it comes, realize that life is taking its course in a perfect way. 

This way your strong sense of duty and commitment inspires you to a vision of a better world.

Life Path No. 7.

Life path 7 is all about trust – in oneself, in others, in the course of life. 

Your strength is insight, you are sharp-witted and have the ability to read between the lines. 

Here the need of the 7 for alone time and the need of the Leo for attention are in a constant battle.

Despite your affable nature, deep down you are still a hermit and need to be on your own. That will confuse people close to you, because one day you are the lively and charismatic Leo and the next day you don’t want to be talked to.

If you feel betrayed your outrage will be limitless, and can destroy any hope of reconciliation within the people you accuse. 

You have to learn to balance your needs and overcome your suspicions. 

Sometimes, you are not betrayed, and your accusations are based on misunderstandings, but your fierce sign of Leo will come through and might destroy friendships unnecessarily. 

Use your Leo power to overcome your life path challenge 7 and learn to trust your body, instincts and your own judgement, and do not rely so much on books, experts and the theories of others. 

Life Path No. 8.

Life path number 8 is very connected to the material world.

It suits you as a person born under the sign of Leo. However, the vibrations of the number 8 also let you hesitate to fully enjoy material wealth compared to all the others Leo’s.

You will fight a constant battle in your mind, feeling there is an evil side of money, but also appreciating the fine side of luxury the Leo in you craves so much.

You like to be in control and an authority of your profession as well as in your private life. You can have extreme positive influences on the people around you and help them achieve their goals, which as a holder of the life path number 8 you enjoy to do.

Be honest to yourself, and embrace your Leo vibrations. Admit your urge for power and wealth but use it in a positive way. 

The life path number 8 gives you the ability of a powerful and strategically thinking logical mind that looks ahead and also interprets the signs correctly. Those qualities are enhanced by your strong will and ambitions.

Your need to follow your rules is enhanced through your zodiac sign and your life path number.

However, you have to look closer once in a while and develop empathy for others to be able to understand their thought process. 

If you can accept the forces of your Zodiac sign, and your life path number you will reach your higher goals and find balance and peace.  

Life Path No. 9.

The life path number 9 characterizes you as a person who shows the way, because with your wisdom you set an example that others are happy to follow. 

In contrast to that comes your fiery Zodiac sign. 

You with the Leo in your Zodiac have to restrain your temperament, overcome obstacles and learn to see the wisdom behind your life lessons.

The Leo in you would like to bath in the spotlight, but often you have to step aside to really see what is around you. 

Your charisma predestinates you for leadership tasks. Your ambitions will bring you forward, and you either will gain exemplary integrity or you will have to bear the consequences. 

You have to overcome your pride, your urge for constant attention and admiration. 

Only then will you be able to create the balance between your life path number 9 and your Zodiac sign of Leo, which will make it possible for you to hear the divine within and find the wisdom that is your disposition and destiny. 

Master Number 11.

Among other abilities you are extremely medially talented and very empathic. You have come into the world with the task of passing on your  intuitive knowledge and insights. 

Due to your great potential you can make a difference to others. 

With the vibrations of the Leo under this master number you will be a fiery, passionate leader with the aim to bring success to your followers.

You are a fair supervisor, but can become bossy even cocky easily.

Especially, under the influence of master number 11 your arrogance can find new heights if you let it. 

That can cause resistance from people, who normally would love to cooperate. If you are not careful and  do not balance your sensitive, warm and kind side with the vibrations of your master number, you will be hurt and withdrawn and thus risk burying yourself  in depressive moods. 

You often feel a hidden sadness and that can show by you being hurtful to others.

The master number 11 is giving you a reflective, philosophical, meditative nature, which can make you a passionate and confident philosopher. 

You can sense the feeling of your fellow men, and using your Leo vibrations you can meet that with a kind, passionate, or protective manner.  

Even though, with the Zodiac sign of Leo you are an extrovert and energetic person, you might feel a conflict when you are experiencing times of withdrawal. 

If you feel confused about this you could become unpredictable  and dismissive. Balance your times of withdrawal and outgoing periods to regroup and refresh instead of fighting it and become irritated.

The Leo in you needs recognition and that is enhanced by your master number, if you do not receive it you could slip into feelings of being helpless, powerless and at the mercy of others.  

Pull on your Leo vibrations which will bring you into possession of self-confidence and use this to overcome periods of doubt. 

The stars provided you with a unique personality, accept yourself and you will find the strength to act authentically. 

Master Number 22.

With the master number 22 you are an idealistic and pragmatic person at the same time. 

Empathy, and charisma characterize you not only based on the master number 22 but also based on your Zodiac sign of Leo.

The master number 22 and the attributes of Leo are enhancing each other. Sensitivity and vitality make you a particularly reliable manager. 

You  possess strong willpower and a positive attitude to life, and with the dynamic, energetic, determined, extroverted insight of Leo you overcome obstacles and will reach your goals. 

In the course of your life, you with the master number 22 repeatedly feel the need to develop yourself further.

In every situation and through every person you come into contact with, you find an opportunity for your personal development and for the realisation of your plans and wishes. 

You need a certain pressure and a goal in mind to feel alive. Leo will keep pushing you forward and will give you the creative and courageous energy to go forward.

However, if you become a victim of the negative aspects of Leo and become intolerant, high-handed, stubborn, arrogant, unpredictable, wasteful and hurtful, the vibration of the Master number 22 will enhance those behaviours as well. 

Once you go down that path, it will be very hard to stop that destructive period and everything you worked so hard for could all go to waste.

Master Number 33.

If you are a master number 33 then you are a person who basically feels a deep love for humanity and nature and often suffers greatly when you are misunderstood or not accepted. 

Feeling misunderstood under the influence of the Zodiac sign of Leo you can turn you into a hurtful, arrogant and unpredictable person.

Due to your quick comprehension and solution-oriented spirit, you are able to assess your fellow human beings quickly and fairly. You know who to trust and with whom you can reach your goals. 

You will always stand by your principles and even if you mean well, pushing others towards them is often perceived as dominant and overpowering. 

You have a fierce and often intolerant demeanor, and with the leading figure within your family you might create more resistance than necessary.

You have to learn to bring patience to your guidance, when dealing with people. They have to find their own solutions in order to heal and learn. 

Take the positive vibrations of the Leo, such as your protective, dynamic, fair, generous and warm, passionate and kind energy and combine them with the holistic, convincing and cosmic vibrations of the master number 33 and you will not only help others more efficiently, but also find more satisfaction and happiness within yourself.

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