Libra & Life Path Numbers | The SECRETS Of Your Zodiac Sign

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The next Zodiac sign on our journey through the universe is Libra. 

The sign of harmony and justice

The time period for the Zodiac sign of Libra is from September 24th until October 23rd. 

The ruling planet is Venus. Libra is an air sign and the birthstone is the white Opal. 

Born under the Zodiac sign of Libra you are stylish and beautiful. 

You prefer light colours and enjoy harmony, balance and a peaceful environment.

No other zodiac sign understands so well how to mediate between two parties or to express well-meaning criticism in a clever and gentle way. You are a born diplomat and know how to wrap your words so cleverly that nobody is offended.  Creating balance is your greatest strength.

You are tolerant and tactful. Cultivated manners and etiquette are very important to you.

You naturally have an exquisite taste. Your pictorial imagination makes you a visionary artist. 

On the other hand you try to avoid the unpleasant things in life. 

Your need for harmony makes you look for justice and balance, but you often have to realise that the “middle way” is not always the best solution.

You have an extreme aversion to confrontation. You often give in for the sake of peace, even if you are not really behind something. 

This makes you dishonest, because you try to find excuses not to do what you originally promised.  

You always love to leave the back door open. Anyone expecting a clear statement from you will be surprised how resourceful you are. You always have an excuse at hand why you just haven’t been able to commit yourself yet. You also like to keep your interpersonal relationships in limbo. You know everyone, but none of them really.

Let’s see how libra’s vibrations influence your life path number..

Life path number 1

Life path number 1 is all about creative energy in any field where creativity produces new directions, approaches and solutions. 

Combined with your Zodiac sign of Libra your artistic talents are magnified and your visionary talents are unlimited.

You marvel in your artistic world, trying to detach yourself from any unpleasant life experience, and will rarely be approachable for your environment, if they try to bring you back to the real world.

You will bring the beauty you carry within you to your daily life, into your family life and your circle of friends.

The insecurity life path number 1 brings into your life is countered by the calm confidence of the libra. 

Art and beauty balances you and you want to be surrounded by it all the time. If you can focus on a realistic approach when it comes to your artistic and creative needs you will be very successful. 

However, if you avoid any conflict or challenges, you get stuck in your own little bubble and at the end become very frustrated and bitter.

Life path number 2

The strong vibrations of this life path number is harmony and friendship. 

This life path number is the equivalent of the Zodiac sign Libra.

You  can make peace in any group, strive in partnerships, enjoy the  company of others and a lively social environment in general. 

The danger here is that the negative sides of libra are enhanced as well.

You can become very vain and arrogant, even overly sensitive to any criticism, and therefore moody, cranky and hypocritical. 

You have to consciously pull on the positive side of your Zodiac sign and combine it with the beneficial vibrations of the number 2. 

Constructive criticism will only enhance your talents and help you to grow, will make you more successful and will give you the joy to have accomplished the next step.

Don’t become lazy, because you blame others for being jealous, that is not always the case. You have to consciously work on your vanity and arrogance to make room for growth and inspiration. 

You will be a great asset to your social environment if you can achieve this.

Life path number 3: 

With the life path number 3 you love being the centre of attention and see life as a stage. 

You develop your talents in leaps and bounds rather than with a consistent growth.

You need an audience, need the admiration of others.  

This will feed into your vanity which comes with the Zodiac sign of Libra. 

Now, the vibrations of life path number 3 and the Libra are dangerously negative, if not handled well.

If you don’t get any attention, you will quickly feel excluded and unnoticed. That will make you vulnerable, moody, and sensitive. 

You will hide behind an arrogant demeanour, and become lazy and cranky.

The need for attention with the life path number 3 is so strong that you do not hesitate to become hypocritical and shallow, avoiding any decisions.

Instead of giving in to that behaviour reflect on your positive sides.  

Life path Number 3 vibrations make you creative, energetic, social, and communicative; combined with the charming, diplomatic, honest, and intelligent influences of your Zodiac sign you will receive what you desire.

You do not have to be in the spotlight at all times to be recognised and admired. 

Life path number 4

Life path number 4 makes you an analyser. And as a person with the life path number 4 you complete your work systematically, thoroughly and unwaveringly.

You are characterized by incredible willpower, loyalty and tenacity.

However, changes are almost impossible for you to accept and this can lead to bitter disputes. 

That is due to your Zodiac sign of Libra, because you have a very hard time to make decisions. You do not want to be pressured or rushed into anything. 

You need time to find beauty and harmony, and in your opinion making quick decisions will counteract with your needs. 

If asked for a concrete opinion you will make vague commitments, always leaving the back door open and disappear through it if you feel overwhelmed and unable to fulfill your responsibilities.

That behaviour is not only dangerous for you but also for the people relying on you. It can destroy friendships and partnerships.

Life path number 5

This number is representative of a free spirit and an expressive language.  

Mental activity, wit and unconventional views result in a charming, fascinating and optimistic personality, coupled with the cultivated and sensual vibrations of Libra you are almost irresistible.

The vibrations of the number 5 give you a natural curiosity for new things and you are enthusiastic about change. 

However, this will create an inner conflict, because with your Zodiac sign you can hardly make up your mind if you need change or just want to stick to your current pattern. 

You love your freedom, but the Libra in you yearns for a satisfying, sensual relationship. You need constant admiration to feel valued.

You have a variety of interests and goals, but you lack perseverance to follow through.

It is very important that you become aware of your inner conflict caused by the vibrations of your life path number and your Zodiac sign, only then will you be able to consciously work on a satisfying balance.

Life path number 6

The Zodiac sign of libra combined with the life path number 6 is the advisor for every soul problem. The foundation of a family. 

At least, you like to picture yourself like this.

You like the idea of bringing harmony and wisdom to your environment.

Often however, you are so idealistic of your own presence that you lose your connection to the people around you. 

You will avoid any conflict, there are no discussions about even the slightest mistake or misconception on your part. 

You want to see yourself as the person everybody wants to have a friendship with. You seem to be tolerant and sensitive. 

However, often you are just hypocritical, because by trying to avoid any conflict, you are dismissing other people’s needs, even though you are sensible enough to recognize them. 

The sign of libra gives you wisdom, diplomacy and the ability to create harmony. Learn to use these talents. You have so much to give to your social environment, and you will be greatly appreciated for this.

Life path number 7

As a person with the life path number 7 you are experiencing a deep dichotomy between your tendency to handle your feelings with rationality and analytical thinking and your distinct, sensitive perception on the other side. 

The sensual vibrations of Libra will add to the constant inner dialog. It will also bring in counteractive vibrations when it comes to your social life.

The number 7 in you needs to withdraw, sometimes ponder about life itself, but your Libra vibrations give you a sociable attitude enjoying the beautiful sides of life.

It can become a constant struggle between the darker side of number  7 and the light and cheerful side of Libra. 

If you are drawn into your brooding mood which comes from the vibrations of your life path number, the negative sides of your Zodiac sign, such as being cranky, undecided, vague, vulnerable, and moody are enhanced as well.

Your challenge is to recognize when the scale tips and pull the strength of your Libra sign to balance and harmonize your personality. 

If you can accomplish that you will be that charismatic, intelligent and wise person, which will not only enrich the lives of the people around you, but also your own.

Life path number 8

Life path number 8 makes you a powerful, communicative, emphatic individual.  

You are keen to be productive and make a financial profit, in order to secure your existence. Power is not something you need, but you often appear to be authoritative. 

The libra vibrations will soften the life path number influences in a way that you are more thoughtful in your approach. 

You are listening to your intuition more often than just to your rational thoughts. 

However, making decisions is still difficult for you and with your life path number 8 pushing you forward, you feel pained and exhausted afterwards.

It is important that you draw on all your talents for the libra sign, to avoid  painful defeat in your careers or personal development.

Use your charismatic, cultivated, sympathetic attributes, avoid laziness and pull on the strength of your life path number 8 and you will achieve the balance and harmony you need.

Life path number 9

You are a fascinating, motivating, sensual and intelligent person. All attributes given to you by both your life path number 9 and your Zodiac sign of Libra.

The number 9 person is a free spirit enjoying the attention of others. Coupled with your cheerful and sociable Libra vibrations you are the life of the party. You enchant with your beauty and charm and your tasteful appearance. 

However, nobody should underestimate your intense observations of what is surrounding you. You are not easily fooled.

You can feel what other people need, and you are willing to help and advise. People appreciate your wisdom and intuition. 

Your challenge is the conflict between your need for freedom, and the admiration you need from many people as well as the urge for a fulfilling and stable relationship. 

If you can learn to use the balancing talents of your Libra sign, and be vigilant to the people around you you will find the right person for you. 

Master Number 11

The master number 11 represents a compassionate and emotional person. 

You are extremely medially talented and very empathic. The vibrations of Libra are enhancing your sensual, cultivated and intelligent attributes. 

Your master number draws you sometimes into reflective and philosophical thoughts, which can make you moody and cranky, because the Libra in you does not like to be drawn into your blue moods.

You like to be cheerful and sociable and any meditative and serious patterns are painful to you. 

You counteract this with a hypocritical and shallow behaviour and you withdraw into your artistic world, seeking satisfaction for your vanity, avoiding any deeper engagement. 

Your purpose is to find the balance between your creativity and individuality, and your task of passing on intuitive knowledge and insights to your fellow men.

You have a lot to give and teach, and if you do so, you will achieve balance and inner peace.

Master Number 22

This life path number is characterized by a strong sense of justice. 

Under its influence you adhere strongly to principles and develop a code of honour. 

That suits your Libra vibrations, because you can combine it with beauty and style and create a balancing harmony.

The influence of Libra and master number 22 always pushes you further in your growth and developments. 

As long as it goes along with your need for style and beauty and there is consistent progress, you feel in control and confident. 

You love to collaborate with every person you come into contact with, as long as you find an opportunity for the realisation of your plans and wishes. You need a certain pressure and a goal in mind to feel alive and successful.

And indeed you can reach heights any other person envy you for. You are the personification of beauty, style and charisma.

However, it becomes dangerous, when your needs are no longer fulfilled. When the constant push becomes a strain leaving you exhausted and empty. 

Then your libra vibrations take over and you become arrogant, lazy, dismissive and cranky. You will withdraw from your environment, which at the end will make you depressive, because you do need social interactions. 

Your challenge is to recognize the strong vibrations of both your master number and your Zodiac sign, and learn to balance them. 

Indeed what you need is balance, if you can achieve that you could become invincible.

Master Number 33

This master number provides you with quick comprehension and a solution-oriented spirit. 

You take over a parental figure for people in need, and often overpower them, even though your intentions are well. 

With the influence of the Libra sign, you do feel you know best for others. You draw on your principles and traditions and project them onto the relationship you have within your social circle. 

You are empathetic and your intentions are to help, but often you become too overbearing. Instead you should dive into your intuition and apply a softer approach, so people can really appreciate your efforts.

Your friends and family admire your style and beauty. The life path number 33 vibrations make you less vain, and you are received as a person, who needs to fulfill your artistic needs without pushing for constant attention.

Use your natural intuition, a softer approach to create harmony and balance, and you will be perceived as the wise and charming person you really are.

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