Life path 11: Empathy and belonging

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People  with the life path master number 11 are artistically inclined, long for connection, balance and harmony with other people. They carry a deep love within them. Intense sensations in everyday life become a challenge for this compassionate and emotional person, who has an imaginative and distinct inner life.

The master number 11 indicates unusual talents and extreme sharpness of vision. These people are not quick to enter into partnerships, but they are not loners either. Once a relationship has come about, they are passionate about their partners or friends. They have good judgment and the ability to set priorities. 

These personalities must not allow themselves to be overwhelmed by their dreams or be too busy devoting themselves to their own cause. Furthermore, they should be more responsive to the needs of others and take a step back, without neglecting their creativity and individuality.

Among their abilities are that they are extremely good at sensing, medially talented and very empathic. These people come into the world with the task of passing on their intuitive knowledge and insights. In addition, they deal with spirituality at a young age, sometimes in an intuitive form. Because of their great potential they can make a big difference to others. In contrast to this, they can also withdraw and thus risk being buried in depressive moods. 

They have a reflective, philosophical, meditative nature and think about the meaning of life. In the same way they intensely feel the feelings and states of mind of other people. In some cases it is difficult for 11 to decide whether these are their own feelings or those of others. Because of this pronounced sensitivity they should learn in time to feel and perceive themselves consciously. Furthermore, it is possible that two souls live in them. On the one hand the introverted and on the other hand the open, humorous person. Because of this strong polarization of their personality they feel a strong need to withdraw.

11s tend to live in the future, and for this reason they do not feel understood in the present. They  are looking for role models who understand them completely without having to say much or explain themselves.

The dark side that these people show is usually their pronounced willingness to help. In the helping role they often tend to serve to the point of self-abandonment and to renounce their own needs. This behaviour has a powerful aspect. They help and support others and make them dependent on themselves. They expect gratitude and recognition for the help they have given, and are even disappointed when people whom they have helped become self-reliant and responsible for themselves and become detached from them. People with the life path number 11 tend to feel sorry for themselves. They feel helpless, powerless and at the mercy of others if they do not receive recognition from outside. They also suffer because they think that the others or the unjust life are to blame for their pain or problems. In this way they disempower themselves and receive attention from their surroundings by blaming and reproaching others.

People with the life path number 11 are sensitive, loving, need a lot of attention and often feel responsible for the happiness of others. For 11s, their fellow human beings are much more important than they are themselves. Their self-esteem is largely based on the feeling of being needed.

Often these personalities feel a strong need for belonging throughout their lives. Understanding their uniqueness helps them to accept themselves and gives them the strength to be authentic. However, the 11 person should avoid being exploited because of their need for harmony and their understanding of others weaknesses. It makes sense that they should learn to share their feelings, needs and expectations of being abandoned and not being loved without fear.

These personalities tend to see the partner as the centre of their own lives. In a relationship they show a strong ability to adapt and empathise with their partner. Their consideration and their natural need for harmony cause them to tend to take a back seat in the relationship and neglect their own needs.

11 personalities usually put the relationship at the top of their list of priorities, because they long to be able to lead a harmonious partnership. Their most ardent wish is to be understood and accepted by their partner. Behind this desire for belonging and connection are often hidden unfulfilled needs from childhood. This circumstance sometimes causes an emotional dependence of the 11 on the partner. However, if the 11 learns to consciously pay attention to his or her own needs, then they succeed in creating a harmonious, lively couple relationship.

Since 11s are often not understood by their families, they often feel left alone in childhood. In loneliness, however, they can develop a great sensitivity that helps them to understand other children. This can be useful to them later in professions such as teacher or therapist.

If they are looking for a connection in the family, they are ready to adapt and accept the values and behavioural models of the original family. They need a lot of love, attention and recognition to find the courage to be authentic. When they are needed, they feel comfortable.

The feeling of being different from the others is the basic theme of this personality. It is linked to the feeling of not getting ahead in one’s own life. You feel like a tree full of fruit, but you can’t make yourself visible so that they can be harvested. Especially when they had the impression in childhood that they were not recognized in their uniqueness, they often identify themselves with the role of the outsider. It would be essential that they step out of their loneliness, have the courage to open up and the patience to find like-minded people. Focusing on and implementing one’s own interests can be helpful for this, and thus a positive, constructive exchange with fellow human beings can be started.

People with the life path number 11 tend to feel that they do not belong. They often feel that they have to do something special to be lovable. If this belief is true, then it is helpful if this person learns to consciously perceive their feelings, their strengths and their positive personality aspects in order to realize that this is a misconception.

These personalities should learn:

to release their deep-seated fears and the feeling of being victims of life’s circumstances in order to use their power constructively.

To develop their natural empathy and the tendency for self-reflection.

To develop body awareness in order to build a healthy and constructive relationship with your own body.

To accept oneself and experience the feeling of belonging in relationships.

To deal constructively with the need to help others. 

Famous people who have the life path master number 11 include Al gore, Colin Powell, Prince Charles, Barack Obama, Bill Clinton, and Michael Jordan.

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