Life Path Number 3: Creative and Diverse

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The person with the life number 3 is very social, extroverted and feels the urgent need to communicate and often also the need to be in the foreground. They have a deep need to communicate with the person they are talking to. The person with life path number 3 is very sociable, extroverted and open to others.

Life path number 3 is characterized by an intelligent, lively, volatile and extremely creative personality. Communication experiences in all possible forms and a particular strength in the use of gestures and facial expressions characterize this person.

They are interested in different things, but need a lot of strength and composure to be able to do everything they do. In stagnating opinions and habits these personalities always provide a breath of fresh air. They like to be the centre of attention and see life as a stage. They control their lives with an ease that guides them well through the difficulties of fate.

A person with life path number 3 tends to get involved in too many projects, which means that individual projects cannot be carried out successfully. When it is necessary to take care of only one thing, this person quickly becomes bored. Their strong intuition also allows them to take quick steps in their development. This person develops in jumps and without any regularity.

Because of their charisma, 3s have the ability to build a strong social network around them. They radiate friendship and joy of life, especially through their touching humour. Their charisma enables them to show great power and attract people who are fascinated by it. They need an audience around them that admires and accompanies them at the same time. If they do not receive attention, they quickly feel excluded and go unnoticed.

Due to their quick perception and hectic pace, they constantly give the outside world the impression that they are neglected or unable to take responsibility. This last aspect causes insecurity among their fellow human beings.

They dance at two weddings. On the one hand, freedom is very tempting and attractive for them, on the other hand they feel very attracted by the company and the support that a stable relationship can offer.

The 3 is comfortable if they get approval from outside. they disguise themselves and meet the expectations of the other party. They put on a mask and lose access to authenticity. They show a certain rigidity in their convictions and appear authoritarian in verbal exchanges with others to compensate for their inner insecurity. These personalities can become dissidents, where they retreat into an ivory tower and isolate themselves in their inner world.

When it comes to relationships, the 3 life path has a special empathy so that they can anticipate people’s needs. Therefore, they want to be understood and accepted by the outside world as it is.

If these people feel that they are not good enough to be loved as they are, they need all the more the confirmation that they are loved by their fellow human beings and especially by their partner.

This person behaves like a butterfly that is seduced by the variety and scent of flowers in a meadow in spring and has difficulties in choosing a particular flower. Therefore this personality has an inner need for independence by nature and is curious and open to life and others. 

Getting involved in a relationship is a challenge for individuals, and in most cases they have not given much thought to the kind of commitment and responsibility that a relationship usually involves. Their inner life is like dancing with two partners; on the one hand, freedom is very tempting and attractive to them, and on the other hand they are very attracted by the commitment and support that a stable partner can offer.

Getting involved in a relationship is a challenge for this person, and in most cases they have not given much thought to the kind of commitment and responsibility that a relationship usually involves.

When it comes to family relationships, these people often have deep conflicts with their siblings to resolve. Since they bring together all the interests of the siblings, they form a bond within the family. They feel different from other family members. From the age of 20 or 25, they have to deal systematically with the family of origin and clarify their own position and unspoken conflicts.

The number 3 can often be heard saying the following things: 

“I can’t decide.”

These personalities have an inner need to be creative, to express themselves, and they carry an enormous diversity within them, which often leads to a tendency to get bogged down and not be able to decide. They may exaggerate and not plan their goals realistically. If these people feel disappointed by what they have not achieved, they fall into the role of victim and do not feel good enough. These people are trapped in a dichotomy. When the 3 takes on the role of victim, they often remain spectators for a lifetime and remain in their dream world, captivated by their own wishes and needs.

They must learn to plan realistic goals within a reasonable time frame. They must think about each step with a flexible attitude.

“I may have missed something.”

People with the number 3 tend not to commit or commit only to a limited extent. They show an internal resistance to rules. When they engage in this behavior, they always leave a back door open. Number 3 has an inherent hope that something better might happen to them later, and they don’t want to miss anything.

“I seek perfection for myself and the people around me.

3 personalities have idealistic expectations of themselves and their fellow human beings. When they free themselves from these unrealistic expectations, they find access to their creative power and see their own life as a masterpiece. 

“I can trust no one.”

3s who have this belief system must take the time to become aware of the cause of this behaviour. They need to feel how the fear of loss and abandonment affects their behavior and decisions in relationships and partnerships.

The fear of being abandoned or rejected by loved ones can activate a withdrawal and protection mechanism that is deeply rooted in that personality.

These people need to strengthen their internal dialogue and their relationship to themselves. In this way, they take important developmental measures that enable them to improve their interpersonal skills.

Most people with life path number 3 are sensitive, but they suppress their feelings and often find themselves trapped in a behavioral pattern that leads them to constantly seek confirmation of being loved. Those who are able to recognize this pattern of behavior in themselves must observe how their behavior and opinions change in daily life in exchange for the love and consideration of their peers. In this respect they must be lenient with themselves and must not condemn themselves for it. This is the first and most effective step to get rid of this pattern in the shortest possible time.

These people need diversity and must develop the courage and confidence to believe in their creative side. By living their creative power, they can also develop the courage to grow and gain emotional independence.

3s often feel very little freedom and, due to their lack of self-esteem, tend not to trust themselves to realise their vision of life.

They must always focus on one project and finish it before they move on. It is important that they develop a healthy self-esteem and take care of their own personality.

They should come to rest and discover their inner home. An essential support for the development of relationship skills is undoubtedly the step from personal development to personal fulfilment. On a day of rest and relaxation, this personality should sit down and consciously ask themselves the following questions:

What do I have to do to be loved by others?

How does my self-esteem express itself?

In which relationships am I afraid of not getting enough love to be seen?

Can I tell the people I love how I feel about them?

What concrete steps can I take to experience more self-esteem and self-love?

What helps me express my feelings for the people I love?

The answers can give important impulses for the realization of my own vision.

In the end, if you are a life path number 3, you  should let life surprise you and stay connected to the compass of your own intuition.

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