Master Number 11 | Significance, Personality, What It All Means!

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What is a Master Number?

Many consider 11, 22 and 33 the only true Master Numbers in numerology. They have a specific set of characteristics and are usually not broken down into their parts. 

These numbers represent a special meaning and have their own place in the numerology system.

A master number adds a greater vibration to the meaning of the singular  number. There is greater intensity in the energy that comes with a master number that can be truly felt.

When a master number is involved you may experience feelings of being nervous, pulled in many directions or high strung.

You want to be the best version of yourself when a master number is involved. You may put a lot of pressure on yourself to the point of distracting you from your actual goal ambition.

Dealing with  a master number symbolizes great changes in your life in order to master your life. You will have significant experiences that lead to substantial growth and strength.

The Master Number 11

The master number 11 is a combination of the masculine and feminine energies. On one side we have the aggressive warrior; the strong and driven and unstoppable energy of a fighter. On the other side we have the intuitive, keen and feminine energy of a Goddess.

It is said that the master number 11 symbolizes going beyond the limitations that are known to us into the realm of the metaphysical, of the spiritual awareness of the highest order.

The number is the link between the light and the darkness, the uninformed and the enlightened.

It represents spiritual awakening, enlightenment and intuition. 

It encourages you to be a leader or guiding influences to those around you. 

It can also represent a great many challenges you have to overcome in order to reach this level of enlightenment and collect the experiences to become a guide and teach to those around you.

It is the number associated with that of a spiritual teacher. It motivates you to use your natural abilities to enlighten others and help them reach spiritual awareness.

Those who associate with the master number 11 will notice great personal changes brought on by its energy.

This number also represents faith (beyond the bounds of any religion), gifted souls such as prophets, sensitives, psychics and preachers.

Personality of a Master Number 11

With the master number 11 in your life’s path you considered to be very charismatic.

You are most likely bound to be compassionate and intuitive. You are seen as a healer and teacher to others.

You have an abundance of personal power, but need to set goals and focus on them, may they be of the everyday kind or the metaphysical. 

As the master number 11 deals with opposites, it is very important to obtain a balance and work against the confusion and constrictions you may feel, being torn between the light and the darkness. When you have achieved such a balance and made it your priority to work in the light to achieve enlightenment, prepare yourself for a great spiritual connection.

It symbolizes a quick wit and a sense of duty you perceive, justice and firmness of character. 

When the master number 11 does not get a chance to reach its fullest potential in an individual, the personality traits full into the negative spectrum and can be quite the opposite of what I have listed above. Such a person may be cold, harsh, ruthless and calculating.

Be aware and conscious about the decision you make in life and work with the light and not the darkness to avoid losing out on reaching your highest potential.

Moodiness, depression, anxiety and addiction are also all potential dangers of a person with the master 11, whose full potential they cannot or will not obtain.

As someone with the master number 11 in their life’s path you are also extremely intuitive to the energies around you. It is as if you are able to read and hear what has not even been said and you know things before anyone has told you of them.

What it all means

You are an incredibly intuitive person, who bubbles over with spiritual potential. Your connection to the metaphysical is uncanny, very strong and makes you susceptible to to the energies and vibrations around you that most other people cannot feel.

There exists a real danger for your spiritual awakening as you balance on the fence between the light and the darkness, the good and the bad. You must consciously chose to work with the light and banish the darkness and the negative in order to become your highest and best self.

Once you have achieved this, you have become the healer and the teacher. You are the one that can help and guide others towards their illumination.

As the bridge between the physical and metaphysical world, you, as represented by the master number 11 in your life’s path, have a great responsibility and power even, to become an important member of your family and community.

You have the power to help others, use it for good.

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