Master Number 22 | Significance, Personality, What It All Means!

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What is a Master Number?

Many consider 11, 22 and 33 the only true Master Numbers in numerology. They have a specific set of characteristics and are usually not broken down into their parts. 

These numbers represent a special meaning and have their own place in the numerology system.

A master number adds a greater vibration to the meaning of the singular  number. There is greater intensity in the energy that comes with a master number that can be truly felt.

When a master number is involved you may experience feelings of being nervous, pulled in many directions or high strung.

You want to be the best version of yourself when a master number is involved. You may put a lot of pressure on yourself to the point of distracting you from your actual goal ambition.

Dealing with  a master number symbolizes great changes in your life in order to master your life. You will have significant experiences that lead to substantial growth and strength.

The Master Number 22

The master number 22 is known that the Master Builder. It is the strongest, most potential holding master number in numerology. 

It symbolizes personal evolution and advancement, the Universe’s great possibilities, creativity and a future one can barely dare to dream about. 

It is a powerful and pragmatic number. It is based on the number 4’s energy, which stands for hard work, security and stability. It is an active number in the sense that it is capable of turning dreams into reality; a doer and a realist.

The master number 22 is a message for you to break free of your comfort zone and realize your full potential. It wants you to go beyond the limits you have set yourself and become someone, who makes a difference in the world.

With the master number 22 in your life path you have an extraordinary connection to the many planes of the spiritual world. This metaphysical knowledge is part of your very being, you live and breathe it.

You create great things not for your own satisfaction, but to bring happiness and achievement to those around you as well. You also have a keen intuitive nature and have the ability to distinguish the best of us and the worst of us. It is an excellent ability to have to make sure your energy is used for the greater good not only for yourself, but the Universe as a whole.

This number requires you to be a teacher. You are meant to guide those spirits and souls that are in need.

The master number 22 combines the intuition of the master number 11 with the pragmatic characteristics of the number 4. Pragmatic or practical is the keyword to fully understanding the power of the master number 22, without it you end up wasting your potential and missing out on all you could have been and could have achieved for yourself and for those around you.

Personality of a Master Number 22

As someone with the master number 22 in your life path you are most likely loyal, dependable, trustworthy, stable, productive, keeper of practical knowledge and creating things that help others. All these apply, if you accept the possibility of your full potential.

If you are in conflict with yourself you can manifest a fear of failure and taking risks, tunnel vision, disorganization, tendency to come across as bossy, lazy and feeling overwhelmed.

You, as part of the Universe, have chosen to return to a physical form to guide and aid humankind. Your potential to do good is limitless and whatever you choose to turn into reality will come to fruition.

The challenge you face is you own pressure you put on yourself. Let go of your doubts and fears and acknowledge that of which you are capable.

What it all means

You have the potential to be extraordinary. Part of the greater spiritual world, your energy/soul has chosen this physical body to aid and guide your fellow human beings.

Do not be limited by your own fears and doubts. Do not get stuck worrying about failure, dwarfing your potential. Get out of your comfort zone and believe in the greatness that you are.

Also, be patient. Things take time to learn and understand in order to create meaningful, lasting achievements that help the people around you.

You have a stronger connection to the metaphysical planes, the spiritual worlds and the Universe. 

I have mentioned before not giving into the fear of failure as it can stunt your greater potential, but understand that growing into your destined role comes with the possibility of minor setbacks. Use these as learning experiences as you collect the knowledge and wisdom to become the guide you are meant to be.

It may take some time before you have the spiritual awakening that will allow you to tap into the power that slumbers inside you, which will unfold the wonderful intuition, practicality and visionary and that lets you become the connection between the physical world and higher planes of existence.

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