Money Mindset: How you never have to worry about money again

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Money is not everything in life. And yet I have often observed in my environment that money becomes a problem, especially when you have very little of it. In this article I would like to address the topic of the money mentality and explain how to get rid of misconceptions about money, how to attract it and why it should not be a selfish goal to want to earn a lot of money.

What do you like about money?

Before we get to the heart of the matter, let’s take a look at your money situation. Are you currently in debt or have you saved money? Are you a student or do you work? Do you receive money from the government, your parents or do you earn your own money? Do you have enough money to pay for everything you want? Or do you worry at the end of the month about how your money will last until your next paycheck?

I think we can all agree that money is no small thing. We need money to have a roof over our heads, to satisfy our hunger and to cover other basic needs of daily life. It wouldn’t be bad either if we had some money left over for the little pleasures of life, be it coffee and cake at the corner café, Netflix or the summer holidays. And if on top of that we could save a little money to afford our own house one day or fulfill our childhood dream of a trip around the world, we wouldn’t say no either.

Of course many important things in life, such as family, friends or society, cannot be bought with money. However, I don’t think anyone will contradict me when I say that it is good not to have to worry about money and always have more than you need. And how do we do that? In my opinion, an important aspect of this question is the spirit of fair money.

Breaking down False Beliefs

“I don’t care about the money.” “Money corrupts character.” “You don’t talk about money.” “Rich people are bad people.” Do the following sentences sound familiar? If so, we should work on your convictions. 

Imagine that you know a woman (or a man) and from the beginning you speak negatively about her or him. Do you think that she or he will come to you and want to spend time with you? Probably not: The person will try to avoid you as much as possible. The same goes for money. Spiritually, you always draw into your life what you consciously and unconsciously think and say. So if you believe that money is not important to you and that it corrupts your character, you will unconsciously always reject money, never earn much and always spend the money that comes into your life immediately. You must therefore revise your beliefs about money, dissolve false beliefs and replace them with new ones.

My Story

I myself was of the opinion until recently that one cannot become rich by ethical means and that one can only earn too much money by exploiting others and neglecting family and private life to work tirelessly. Besides, money did not interest me, it was simply not important to me. When I started to deal with topics such as mentality and personality development, I suddenly came across the money mentality, and this became clear to me: If I want to dedicate all my time and energy to my passion, I have to earn enough money with it to make a living. I also began to define my life goals and write my wish list. It contains projects for which I need (much) money. So if I want to reach them, I have to collect money for them first. When I realized that I could not do this because I was not interested in money and wrong beliefs, I started to work on it.

But how can we turn these false beliefs about money into good beliefs that help us attract money?

Think about what you would do with a lot of money…

Imagine receiving one million dollars tomorrow. What would you do with that money? You would probably make some of your own dreams come true – maybe the trip to South Africa that you have wanted to make for so long. Or you would buy the car of your dreams. But what would happen to the money that would be left over? Would you share it with your family? Would you invite all your friends to a holiday in Mallorca? Would you give money? Would you set up your own aid project?

I am sure that if you are reading this blog, you not only have selfish dreams and goals, but also want to contribute in some way to improve our world. Maybe you are an animal lover, you care about our environment or you support social projects. If you would receive one million Euros, you could give a big part of it and still have something left over to fulfill your selfish dreams. Or you wouldn’t have to go to work to earn a living, but you could use your time to support projects that are close to your heart. Think of the joy you could give when you have a lot of money. Do you still think that it is bad to be rich?

Caution: Money strengthens the personality

I believe that money is only an amplifier of our personality. If you don’t take care of your family without money and only have your own well-being in mind, even with a lot of money, you won’t suddenly start giving money and spending time with your loved ones. However, if you regularly donate a portion of it to social causes and invite your friends, even if you earn a lot of money, you will still donate a lot to others. In this way, money does not ruin your character, it only strengthens it.

Feeling rich to become rich

Have you ever heard of the law of attraction or demonstration? It says that we can get anything we “want” in the universe. That’s why I put the wishes in quotation marks, because unfortunately it’s not that simple. It is not enough to want something, you have to be convinced that we already have it. So if you want to have a lot of money in the future, you must already feel rich to attract the money. Only if we live in abundance instead of wanting will we attract what we want. So you have to feel that you already have a lot of money today. That means, for example, that you are already giving some of your money today: Your subconsciousness or the universe receives with it the signal that you already have so much money that you can give a part of it without waiting for another – and you will attract even more money with it. I know that sounds a bit paradoxical.

It’s all about money.

Do you know exactly how much money (or debts) you have? How much money you have each month for food, clothing, sports, coffee, … every month. To be honest, I had no idea until recently. When I finally thought about quitting my job and starting my own business, I started to write down how much money I actually spend each month on what. I also began to volunteer for financing, investment and investment opportunities and started reading books about money.

Energy always flows to where you direct your attention. So if you have more money or want to earn more, you also have to invest time and attention.

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