Numerology For Your Child’s Name

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We all want to support our children in the best possible way, and numerology can be a valuable tool to do so.

 It can give you a clearer picture of your child’s personality and help you to better understand and support your child.

To find out the best possible way to support your child you have to calculate the number of your child’s names. 

Write down all the names of your child. Each letter of your child’s name is converted into a number. We are using the  Numerology Chart, based on the philosopher and mathematician Pythagoras. It is the most commonly used one. 

Once you have all letters converted you have to add the string of numbers and bring it down to a single value, thus the cross sum. 

Here are the numbers according to the letters. 

The letters A,  J, SBELONG TO NO. 1
The letters B, K, T BELONG TO NO. 2
The letters C,  L, UBELONG TO NO. 3
The letters D, M, VBELONG TO NO. 4
The letters E, N, WBELONG TO NO. 5
The letters F, O, XBELONG TO NO. 6
The letters G, P, YBELONG TO NO. 7
The letters H, Q, ZBELONG TO NO. 8
The letters I, RBELONG TO NO. 9

The meaning of the numbers:

Number 1:

 Your child will need a lot of attention already as a baby. It will become quickly mobile and independent. It has  great self-confidence and leadership qualities.

Your child will  quickly develop its own opinions and represent them accordingly.

However, its personal sphere is still very important.  From a school perspective, a number 1 child is often not only a representative of the school, but also ambitious – it always wants to be number one. In cases when this does not work out, your child will need a lot of support and reassurance.

Number 1 children are very bad losers and are not very good at dealing with criticism. Therefore, it is important to learn that it cannot always be the centre of attention. You have to show your child that it is always loved, even if it makes mistakes. You must always support your child’s strength and uniqueness.

Number 2

A Child with the name number 2 is very peaceful, caring, adaptable, friendly and loves harmony. It reacts very strongly to tension and fights within the family and will usually help the weaker one.

It will always try to do its best, because it does not want to disappoint anyone. Your child will be popular and can fall back on a large circle of its own friends. It will be very curious and very popular with teachers, since it is hard-working and obedient. It is also very creative, likes to paint and do handicrafts.

But a child with the number 2 is also very sensitive and delicate. Therefore, you should offer your child a lot of security and show them how it can protect itself. It will often process all its impressions through its artistic interests, be it by playing an instrument, writing or painting.   

Number 3

A number 3 child is charming, open and irresistible. With its playful character it enchants everyone, is full of surprises and always has a joke ready. Your child is open to new things and has many different interests and talents.

It approaches others openly, smiles a lot and talks about everything that comes into its mind. It has the gift of wrapping others around its little finger. This child will talk about its problems and there is no lack of excuses.

However, a child with a name number 3 is also very undisciplined and restless. It is not uncommon that it will forget to do homework or fail to perform certain duties. Discipline should be practiced and the child has to learn to hold on to something and get it done. 

As a parent to a number 3 child you must remain flexible and patient. Your child needs support. Especially in the area of creativity and imagination. This way you help your child to find his or her true talent. 

Number 4

A child with the name number 4 will always be busy. Therefore, a regular daily routine is as important as traditions and rituals. Order is a necessity for it, and everything must have a fixed place. Homework is always done correctly and all appointments are made on time.

It will carry out all assigned tasks carefully and reliably. It is skilled, motivated and practical and enjoys gardening, making ceramics or sculpting. 

Your child will rather save its pocket money instead of spending it. The number 4 child is very determined and will practice a lot to improve its own performance. 

However, it can also be very stubborn and sometimes have tantrums. As the parent you need to stay strong and consistent. You must also make sure that your child is not overburdened. Help him or her to stay flexible and open-minded.

The number 5

The number 5 child is not only curious, but also wants to explore the world with all its senses. It wants to touch, smell and taste everything. Lively and curious, it will observe its surroundings and simply won’t miss anything. It loves spontaneous activities and is very active. 

Always discovering something new, it will question and discuss everything. The number 5 child is courageous, likes to go out, and also likes speedy and risky sports.

However, if something goes wrong, this child can become stubborn and undisciplined. As a student it has little stamina. The temptation to turn to something new is too great. 

As a parent you are asked to support and motivate your child to stay in the game. You will also recognize that your child is very capable of doing two things at once. Life with a number 5 child will certainly not be boring.

Number 6

The number 6 child needs a lot of harmony, hugs and smiles. It is always ready to help, friendly, well-behaved, is popular with everybody and has only good grades and a strong team spirit.

It  feels comfortable within its family circle and will help a lot at home. It  loves its brothers and sisters and will treat them with care, attention, politeness, justice and fairness. 

However, the number 6 child will sense any tension in the environment quickly and then reacts with screams or challenges. Harsh criticism should be avoided because this child wants to do its best to be loved. It wants to be almost perfect, which could be a big challenge. 

As a parent it is important to show your child that he or she is loved, even with mistakes and weaknesses. Support your child in every possible way.

Number 7

The number 7 child  is curious and satisfied with itself and the world. However, this child also likes to withdraw from time to time and doesn’t want to be disturbed so that it can fully immerse itself in its playtime. It does not need many friends, and often is content with just one good friend. A number 7 child likes to be alone. 

It has an excellent mind, is interested and attentive. It  knows what it is doing and plans ahead. All tasks that have been started are also carried out. It is rarely influenced by others. 

Reading is a highlight for a child having the name number 7, because it can immerse itself in a completely different world. It will be able to read and write from an early age on, and also loves nature. 

A number 7 child likes to lose itself in its dream world. As a parent you have to bring it back carefully and strategically to reality and trust its intelligence, because often it is not prepared to answer questions and orders might not be heard. You need to be patient.

Number 8

A number 8 child is successful and loves to be on top of things. In clubs and gangs it is often the leader, and from an early age on you will find it to be a skillful negotiator. 

It loves recognition and attention, and with its charm and irresistible smile it often succeeds to get what it wants.

Among the favourite subjects at school are mathematics, accounting or bookkeeping. This child will  develop an effective system for cleaning up from an early age on, because it does not want to waste time searching for things. 

The number 8 child loves status symbols and designer clothes. As a parent, you need to make sure to not overwhelm your child with material objects. 

In stressful situations, your child has to learn to work through challenges and see the solution to a problem as the reward. This way it will not overvalue material things. 

Number 9

The number 9 child is friendly and generous, and popular. It will have many friends, be sociable and active. It will  share with others and is also happy to give away its toys. 

It wants to make the world a better place because it is selfless and idealistic. It will give help and time to those who need it, and with its pocket money it will support the homeless or do other social things. This child is tolerant, compassionate and can motivate and support weaker peers.

The number 9 child will react very strongly to injustice, and therefore it might display impulsive reactions which can get it into trouble. It can also be often moody, irritable and sensitive. 

As a parent you need to be balanced and help your child to learn from you to act calmly and thoughtfully. 

The numerology of a child’s name can help you to better respond to your child’s needs, personality and tendencies. This way you can create a harmonious environment for the whole family.

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