Scorpio & Life Path Numbers | The SECRETS Of Your Zodiac Sign

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The next sign we are visiting on our journey through the universe is Scorpio.

The strong powerful, but also mysterious scorpio. 

The time period for the Zodiac sign of Scorpio is from October 24th until November 22nd. Scorpio is under the influence of two planets equally, Mars and Pluto. The birthstone is Topaz. 

The sign of Scorpio is considered to be mysterious and enigmatic. As a Scorpio you like to keep your secrets to yourself, but you are very interested in the secrets of your fellow men.

You have a special eye for the chasms of humanity and a fine sense of power and dominance. 

You like to keep your distance from humans and the diversity of human behaviour, and therefore you are considered rather introverted. 

But appearances are deceptive, your inside world looks very 


As a scorpio you tend to go to extremes, you are often busy balancing your ideas and reactions, polarizing them as well as your environment. 

And if you do something you do it all the way. All or nothing.

You possess a special depth of mind and are a good observer, a quick, astute thinker and analysts; you can devote yourself passionately to a cause with all your heart. You are then uncompromising and focused in a positive sense.

You pursue your goals ambitiously and with the will to win. 

If something has raised your interest, you want to deal with it intensively. 

There are no taboos and no forbidden thoughts. Boundaries irritate and challenge you. 

You challenge your fellow human beings in the same way, because  in disputes you are a fierce opponent. 

You do not give in for the sake of your peace of mind. You oppose and you are usually right. 

On the other hand, secrets are safe with you. Whatever is entrusted to you, you keep it safely and hidden.

Your powers of observation and analytical skills make you a good judge of character, and let you easily find the strengths and weaknesses of others. 

As long as you have enough freedom to balance yourself, peaceful coexistence in relationships is quite possible. 

However, there is one thing you are absolutely not: a diplomat. 

You express what you think and make clear that your message is understood. 

You often hurt your fellow human beings deeply, but that is a risk you take.

If you do retreat and not express your opinion, it is often to protect the other person. The break would be almost pre-programmed if you wouldn’t step back.

You use your cognitive abilities to take advantage of others’ weaknesses and manipulate them if you feel a need to do so. 

This Zodiac sign will dominate the vibrations of any life path number. So let’s have a look at how this is influencing your personality.

Life path number 1:

With your determination and strong focus on your own visions and plans, you appear very independent to the outside world. 

A person who has the life path number 1 is reluctant to act indecisive and easily fears that a compromise could be interpreted as weakness or even as a disturbance of the image of strength and determination. 

The Scorpio in you will do everything to challenge your opponent and remain on top of the game. You can become ruthless, and will leave behind a field of destruction if you go in for a battle.

If the leadership role is recognised by others, a person with the life path number 1 can be magnanimous. 

However, if rejected you will perceive it as provocation to your status.  The vibration of Scorpio can fire you up, and without asking why you might be questioned you will destroy whoever is in your way.

The combination of the life path number 1 and the Zodiac sign of Scorpio create a powerful and ambitious personality. If you can learn to balance those fierce energies you will have more devoted followers on your side and can reach your goal without unnecessary battles.

Life path number 2

Your excellent observational skills coupled with the analytical perception of this life path number give you the ability to look at important points of discussion from all sides and make you tactically astute. 

The depth of your mind and your variety of creative skills can develop the desire to take up an artistic profession.

Moreover, this personality tries to pay attention to the deepest meanings of life’s events. 

With the life path number 2 your distant Scorpio personality is drawn into consideration for others needs and goes as far as giving up your own time and living space in order to be able to support and accompany other people.

However, if you feel you have been used to the advantage of the people you are helping, even feel betrayed, your revenge is merciless. 

Dip into your Scorpio skills which will help you to recognise the intentions of your fellow men, before you make the decision if your help is really needed. This way you avoid the deep and disturbing emotions you feel when realising you have been deceived. 

Life path number 3: 

The person with the life path number 3 is very social, outgoing and feels the urgent need to communicate; very much in contradiction to the needs of the Zodiac sign of Scorpio.

With any other sign it might have been a struggle, but you born under Scorpio would take all your charisma and passionately live out the desires of life path number 3. 

For you, life is a stage. You bathe in admiration and attention, and will destroy anyone who attempts to outshine you. 

Your talent and your creative skills are profound and make you an excellent artist. You will succeed in any profession, because you have a fierce fire in you and know how to apply your passion to reach your goals.

It takes a very strong person to be able to stand behind you, there is no room beside you. 

As you mature you have to learn to balance your temperament and enjoy the fruits of your labor. 

Learn to take a step back, and instead of giving in to envy for others, teach your skills to them.

This way you will avoid bitterness and depression.

Life path number 4

With the life path number 4 you have a deep desire to be influential, to gain financial security and to realize your personal vision.

You adhere strictly to ethical principles, and with the strong influence of the Scorpio it can make you rigid and intolerant of other people’s opinions.

As much as you try to maintain positive qualities such as a sense of justice, sincerity, perseverance and serenity, the vibrations of Scorpio will make it difficult for you to keep your intentions solid. 

You feel you are right and only you can make a decision between right and wrong. You will not forgive whoever opposes you and become sometimes bitter and withdrawn.

It is very important for you to learn to let go what is in the past, develop an understanding of other people’s needs and become tolerant and balanced.

You possess great strength and can use this to reach your goal and help build loyalty within your social circle and lead a fulfilling life.

Life path number 5

With the life path number 5 you have the need for sensuality, beauty and freedom. All these attributes are enhanced by the vibrations of your Zodiac sign.

Mental activity, wit and unconventional views result in a charming, and fascinating personality. You have a variety of interests and goals and you show an enormous potential for creativity. 

Your determination and ambition guide you well. You know instinctively which path is the way to success. You won’t hesitate to use your opponents weaknesses to your advantage and can become quite ruthless if you feel it is justified. 

With the life path number 5 you lack reliability, and the vibrations of Scorpio give you the tendency to choose as you like. 

You can overcome your life path number 5 vibrations if you want to, but will dismiss any criticism if you decide to go your own way. 

Your challenge is to balance the strong vibrations of both influences and use them to build a solid foundation; create strong partnerships and find a consistent and fair way to success and happiness.

Life path number 6

With a life path number 6 you are the pillar of your family and community. 

Your personality stands for harmony and beauty. 

The number 6 personality needs friendships and relationships, and  represents tolerance and sensitivity. Therefore, the vibrations of the life path number 6 is in stark contrast to the vibrations of Scorpio.

You will feel that conflict and at times will swing to one side or another, giving your surroundings a very unstable impression. 

You are experiencing the same conflict when it comes to the extroverted, very social tendencies of the number 6 versus the need for solitude of Scorpio. 

The family’s ethical values, which govern interpersonal relationships, are important guidelines in your life and you do have the spiritual task of bringing your high ideals into harmony with reality and making peace with the imperfections of life. 

Your Scorpio tendencies can help with that, if you consciously work on your challenges and keep your temper balanced.

Life path number 7

The life path number 7 is the equivalent of the Zodiac sign of Scorpio.

Most of the attributes of this number speak to the vibrations of the Scorpio and enhance them.

You are attracted to topics such as spirituality, and metaphysics. You will go deep into the theory of a topic and try to find a way to put it into practice. 

The life path number 7 makes you a sensitive person, on top of the hot temper of the Scorpio.

If someone hurts you or deceives you, you will go after that person and make them pay. 

If you feel misunderstood you withdraw and isolate yourself from your environment, but only after you spoke your mind. There will be no question how you feel. 

You can break up relationships if you feel they do not deserve your attention.

With the life path number 7 you have the ability to perceive and feel emotions intensely. You will analyse them and make decisions based on your findings.

Cater to your sensitive and spiritual side. Take breaks before you blow out your opinion on subjects, retreat to a quiet place, distance yourself and try to be objective about the situation.

If you give in to your temper you could exhaust and hurt yourself more than others. Finding a balance will preserve your energies and will make it possible to find peace. 

Life path number 8

Life path number 8 makes you a powerful, communicative, emphatic, but also impatient individual.

With the powerful energy of Scorpio all these tendencies can go in both directions, the positive and negative one. 

You have a good feeling for your intuition and normally will listen to it, but on occasion your rational vibrations of number 8 interrupt this flow and will make you uncompromisable, sarcastic and impatient.

You will work hard to make a financial profit, and normally with the life path number 8 you would not be really interested in exercising power. 

However, with the sense of power and dominance of the Scorpio you will become authoritative and enjoy the drive and influence you can express. 

You will not care about the resistance of your critics, but will just shove them aside. 

Sometimes criticism is constructive and meant to bring you further, if you ignore this you can experience painful defeats. 

Use your intelligence and intuition both vibrations provide you with and make decisions based on your observations and not on your temper.

Life path number 9

You, with the life path number 9 are a versatile, intellectual and empathic individual.

You are generally tolerant, disinterested and far-sighted. Normally, your naivety, and detachment from reality and vulnerability can be dangerous.

The vibrations of Scorpio will counteract all those influences. 

Your very loving, compassionate and idealistic side, however, will be enhanced by Scorpio’s vibrations 

You have a particularly strong charisma and stand out for your generosity and helpfulness. 

If you are not working consciously on a balanced life, those energies can toss you back and forth. Make you unreliable, resentful and pessimistic, or overly passionate to the point of making hurtful decisions for yourself and others.

Your need for freedom is enhanced and you need a lot of personal space to find a balance and the time to analyse what goals you want to reach in your life.

Master Number 11:

Life path number 11’s intense sensations in everyday life can become a challenge for you, because you are a compassionate and emotional person, who has an imaginative and distinct inner life.

Emotional vibrations are always enhanced with the Zodiac sign of Scorpio. 

There are days when you feel so overwhelmed that you need to be on your own, or you will be uncompromising, suspicious, resentful, and pessimistic to an almost unhealthy degree. 

You need to take those needs seriously. It is the only way to balance yourself and be bearable for your environment. 

Your Scorpio vibrations will also manifest your unusual talents and extreme sharpness of vision, your good judgment and the ability to set priorities. 

Once you have decided to enter into a relationship you are passionate and faithful. At times you will feel extreme jealousy if you sense any distance from your partner. 

The strong Scorpio energies can become dangerous when it comes to obsession over behaviours and subjects. You have to be very conscious of any tendencies and counteract this with your sharp mind. 

Balance is also important when it comes to the needs of your fellow human beings and your creativity and individuality. Do not neglect any of these. 

You are extremely medially talented and very empathic. 

If you can balance your Scorpio energies with the master number 11 vibrations you can pass on your intuitive knowledge and insights. 

Master Number 22:

Master number 22 gives you enormous power and the ability to realize your plans and visions of life. 

Earning high income is easy for you. You tend to easily manage to earn a lot of money with which you like to support others. Financial security is important to you.

Your natural need for freedom and the desire for self-development coupled with your suspicious vibrations of Scorpio make you hesitant to enter relationships. 

With both influences you have a strong tendency for jealousy, which can become destructive if your temper explodes as well.

You have a very strong sense of justice and have the urge to bring it to society. 

The distinct empathy and adaptability of your personality often leads you to take on the role of a helper or even a therapist for your partner. 

With Scorpio in the mix this can become overbearing for your partner and will leave little space until you feel their problem has been solved.

You are fierce and charge through when you feel a passion for a project. You will not stop until you reach your goal.

However, with such intense power you are often leaving some destruction behind.

Work on balancing your incredible power and the sharp intellect of Master Number 22 and Scorpio and you will reach your goals and build strong relations. 

Master Number 33:

The master number 33 provides you with quick comprehension and a solution-oriented spirit. Scorpio gives you the power of observation and analytical skills making you a good judge of character. 

Easily will you discover others strengths and weaknesses. 

Those talents feed directly into your need of helping and saving people who need it. 

However, you possess a very strong personality, which sometimes can overwhelm the recipient of your energies.

You can use the spiritual powers of Scorpio and the intense empathic and sensible energy provided by master number 33 to become the healer you are designed to be.

For you, it is of the utmost importance to learn from your inner wisdom, your spirituality and tame your fierce fire to guide it into the right path. 

You have a fine humour which can help you to overcome some frustration. 

If you can succeed in nurturing your power, vitality and natural curiosity, then you will live up to your own greatness and fulfil your purpose and natural need for development.

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