The Best Career For You Based On Your Numerology Profile

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Do you feel like your job is not right for you anymore?  

Would you like to choose a different career for yourself or are you at the end of your studies but don’t know where you want to go from here? 

Numerology can help you find the right career based on your life path number, which is determined from your birthdate by calculating the numbers of your birth day down to a single digit.  

For example if your birthday is: August 21, 1992

The calculation would be 2+1+0+8+1+9+9+2 = 32

Now you calculate 3+2 = 5 

Therefore, your  life path number is five.

The end result is always between the numbers 1 and 9. 

The exemptions are the master numbers 11, 22 and 33. Those ones will be final with the two digits and not calculated down to one single digit. 

Once you have calculated your number we can continue to discover what could be the ideal career choice for you.

Life path number 1 – The Boss

You are the winning type who likes to work in a self-determined way and lead others. 

You have great strength, you are extremely creative and innovative. 

This very strong personality is particularly suited to management positions or a freelance job in the creative industry, such as authors or graphic designers, where you can be your own boss and really let off steam. 

Furthermore, you are the start-up founder of tomorrow – your ideas move and if you work hard you have what it takes to create big successes.

However, you wouldn’t feel comfortable at all in a 9-to-5-job where the same tasks are repeated daily and you can’t work to your full potential.

Life path number  2 – The Social One

You are a team worker, and prefer to exchange ideas with a group of people instead of working alone. 

You also have a great sense of responsibility, and justice and you are very diplomatic. 

You would do very well in social professions – for example, as an educator or teacher. You could apply your diplomatic side as a counsellor, politician or judge.

Life path number 3 – The Artist

Number crunching or preparing extensive analysis are not the right tasks for you.  

You need to express yourself, and share your inspirations with others. 

With your imagination and self-confidence, you will find happiness in artistic professions. Painting, writing, making music, dancing, acting or even writing pieces for the stage are all careers where you can shine and inspire and touch others with your art. 

Alternatively, creative professions such as hair stylists, editors, designers, make-up artists or photographers will suit you also very well. 

Life path number  4 – The Organizer

You like to know what kind of tasks await you, when you arrive at work. 

You want stability and security in your job, and with discipline, ambition and your organisational talent you can create your permanent position in the office.

You always keep on top of your responsibilities, work to perfection and are extremely responsible. 

Professions such as a wedding planner, financial advisor, project manager or accountant will fit your personality particularly well. 

Life path number 5 – The Communicator 

You will never be happy in a job, which would bore you out of your mind and make you stare at a computer for 8 hours.

You belong to the group of people who fly from one appointment to the next, decorate your calendar with fancy business lunches, and meet new people every day. 

You would excel as a real estate agent or a PR manager. 

The travel industry would also be perfect for you, for example working as a hotel manager or travel journalist.  

Life path number  6 – The Helper

You want a profession that really makes a difference in this world. 

A big paycheque is less important to you, because what really fulfills you is helping others. 

Professions like social workers, nurses or doctors would suit you. 

But you could also be a climate protection activist or politician, or a pilot of an emergency helicopter. 

It is important to you that you can share your helpfulness and warm kindness.

Life path number 7 – The Empathetic One

You are a thoughtful, gentle and sensitive character who likes to go deep into any subject. 

You are not looking for quick successes, but stable continuous growth. 

Therefore, you are well suited to occupations that revolve around science and research, but also psychology and philosophy are areas in which you can apply your talents. 

Other options are working as a coach, yoga teacher, or even as a chef. 

Here you can analyse, experiment and always find new solutions as well.

Life path number 8 – The Ambitious One

You are one of those extremely ambitious people with tenacious stamina and a great thirst for knowledge. 

You want to be an absolute expert in your field and will make it further than others. 

This personality fits into many professions – basically anything that requires hard work, accuracy and assertiveness. 

You could become a star lawyer or work for the stock market. 

Ballet dancing at a large theatre or becoming a director in Hollywood would be something you could easily achieve. 

Life path number 9 – The Passionate One

You need a career which provides a meaning to you.  

That is the most important thing when it comes to your everyday work life. 

If you can find this, you will successfully put your whole heart into your career. 

Your passion will bring out your strengths and you will not just inspire yourself but also customers, co-workers and clients. 

It would suit you particularly well to found your own company, in which you can put your heart and soul into. 

You would certainly find your mission as an activist for human or animal rights, or an ambassador for humanitarian causes. 

Careers for master numbers

Number 11

If your life path number is the master number 11, then all of the careers mentioned for life path number 2 will apply to you as well. 

However, with the double power of the one you can experience a special and meteoric rise in the professions and activities favoured by the number 2 and can actually achieve everything possible in the world. 

There is hardly any limit to your success.

Number 22

With the master number 22 you add a higher degree of intensity to the qualities of the number 4, which gives your intentions an extraordinary push.

Your work will be meticulously and absolutely accurate. 

You do not tolerate mistakes. 

However, you have to be careful not to become too intense. 

Your search for perfection can lead into obsession and hinder the completion of your tasks.

Number 33

Very few people have the master number 33, which indicates extraordinary abilities. 

The public service is a good career choice for the master number 33. 

It does not matter whether you work with homeless or hungry people, help refugees, work for charities, help raising orphaned children or even do missionary work. 

In addition, you are suited for any work that allows you to give the best to people and serve them with love. 

You approach your work life in a very selfless way. You do not differ between your personal and work life. Your purpose on earth is to serve your fellow human beings in the best way possible.

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