The Best Healing Crystals For Your Life Path Number

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There are many different crystals, which have a very different meaning for each person and therefore have a different effect on each person. 

Numerology works with the vibration of numbers, but energies are around us all the time, and crystals have strong energetic vibrations on their own as well. 

It is very beneficial to combine the vibration of crystals with the vibration of your numerological number. That combination can have a calming effect, support healing efforts when you are ill, and attract luck as well as protect you from negative influences. 

Today we are looking at the best crystal for each life path number.

Once you have found the right crystal, you can use it in different ways. 

For example, you can wear this stone on a chain directly on your body. This way it will  touch your heart chakra. You can also place the stone in a room to get the appropriate effect. 

Now, let’s have a look at the crystals. There are more than one, but today we introduce you to the two important ones according to your life path number. 

Life Path Number 1:


Citrine is beneficial when you are dealing with stress, grief and depression. 

It brightens your mood, strengthens your self-confidence and brings clarity. 

Rose Quartz

Rose quartz is a healing stone for the heart. It provides sensitivity and romance and has a calming effect on the mind. 

Life Path Number 2:


Fluorite is suitable for concentration and learning difficulties, it increases receptivity, provides clarity and understanding and sharpens the sense of order.


Jade has a balancing effect on all of your senses. It provides inner peace and promotes love. It is said that the stone turns friendship into love, 

Life Path Number 3


The amethyst has purifying properties, especially for your  mind.

It releases blockages and inhibitions and helps to process inner conflicts during sleep. 

Tiger’s Eye

Tiger eye promotes vitality, action and success. It helps you to take the right steps to realize your dreams, and energizes your body on all levels.

Life Path Number 4


Turquoise is a protection stone and can warn you of coming dangers. 

It helps to achieve success, strengthens self-confidence, improves communication skills and promotes energy and assertiveness. 


The malachite is the stone of hope and confidence, and  brings happiness and harmony to partnerships. It promotes fertility and supports women with menstrual problems, pregnancy and birth. It has a calming, purifying and detoxifying effect. 

Life Path Number 5


The aquamarine symbolises peace, brings spiritual growth and helps with depression. It strengthens self-confidence, provides foresight and level-headedness as well as endurance and stamina.

It gives resistance and helps to finish projects which have been started.


The moon stone strengthens intuition, increases empathy and promotes love. The moonstone works especially well for women. It gives them vitality, serenity and balance and a youthful appearance.

Life Path Number 6


The agate increases concentration, promotes rational thinking and lets you find solutions for problems more quickly. 

Agate strengthens the sense of reality, sharpens the eye for the essential and brings inner balance. It helps you to ward off bad influences and negative energy.


The onyx is a particularly strong stone for increasing self-confidence and resistance. The Onyx gives its wearer more joy of life and stability. It strengthens self-confidence and brings greater inner harmony.

Life Path Number 7


Amber is said to give joy of life. It calms and helps to combat fears and depressions. It promotes creative ideas, and improves decision-making abilities, and flexibility. It also leads to a more attractive appearance.


The garnet is an excellent stone to combat depression, exhaustion, and despondency.  It gives strength and endurance and has a strong effect on the body fluids. Therefore, it stabilizes the circulation and helps against circulatory problems.

The garnet gives you strength in difficult times, the courage to tackle tasks that are not easily manageable and the stamina to carry on despite setbacks. 

Life Path Number 8


The diamond is one of the strongest stones and stands for purity, resistance, unity, perfection and eternal love.

It gives power and strengthens unity and personal commitment. It is also called the stone of forgiveness and reconciliation.


The opal has a soothing and harmonizing effect. It spreads warmth, patience, gentleness and empathy. 

It brings your metabolism into balance, relieves bladder, kidney and stomach problems and stimulates the lymph flow. 

Life Path Number 9


The emerald has a strengthening effect on the heart and psyche. It is often seen as  the luck-giving “beauty god”. 

It provides stability and recurring joy as well as clarity. The Emerald will point out the right direction if you are looking for a solution to a problem.

It relieves nightmares and will promote strength and hope during a crisis. 


The tourmaline strengthens the muscles and relaxes the nervous system. 

It protects against infections and inflammations, increases self-confidence and strengthens your stamina in difficult situations. 

It builds a positive protection against negative emotions of other people from the environment. Energies of hatred, envy or other negative feelings will no longer reach the bearer of the stone.

We are responsible for our own life, our thoughts, actions and feelings, but healing stones and crystals can help us to focus on happiness and positivity. Like numerology itself, a healing stone is a guide you can use to work on the life you desire.

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