The Numerology Of Your Name

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Your Destiny Number 

What does your name mean about you?

The teaching of numerology is based on the assumption that numbers represent the essence of all things. 

Accordingly, there is a connection between numbers and the character traits of a person. Thus, a number is assigned to each letter, which can be used to read character traits, talents or even future events. 

We show you how to easily calculate your numbers and what they reveal about your personality traits.

In Numerology there are three numbers, which are calculated based on your name. Your destiny number, your personality number and your soul number.

The Pythagorean number chart is the most commonly used method, to calculate your name numbers. Each letter of the alphabet is assigned a number according to its rank. E. g. A=1, B=2 etc. 

When you assign the number to the letters in your birth name, add them together and then calculate the cross sum down to a single digit. 

If you come across 11, 22 or 33, you do not reduce those number pairs to a single digit because they are master numbers. 

The definition of the numbers will vary depending on what you are looking for. 

For example the vibration of number 7 for your destiny number is different than it will be for your personality number.

The first one we are calculating is the destiny number

This number is calculated from your first and last name at birth. 

It is also called your expression or name number. It gives you an idea of your purpose in life.

It describes your character, reveals your goals and gives you guidance of how to achieve them, and also lets you know what obstacles you might encounter.

Once you have your cross sum listen to the description of your name or destiny number:

Number 1

You have a strong personality. Strong-willed, charismatic, ambitious and focused. 

You are a born leader. When you’re on fire for a cause, you will give it your all. But the same goes in the other direction. 

If something is forced on you that you are not enthusiastic about you will stubbornly refuse it. When it comes to love, you like to have fun in a relationship. 

Number 2

You love harmony and always want to make sure that your partner feels comfortable in your relationship. 

Security is very important to you. Because of your calm nature, you are a good mediator, and you like to avoid disputes. 

You are sensitive and romantic, but also very vulnerable, and can be very critical of others. 

Sometimes you need to distance yourself from others for your own good.

Number 3

Communication is clearly your strength. 

You are a diplomat through and through and will make sure that everything in your environment remains in balance. 

You love to be among people and also place a certain value on good manners and a trendy appearance. 

You meet everything with ease, and don’t like it when others try to restrict you. 

Number 4

You are one of the people who are very rational. 

You are conscientious, hardworking, reliable – a go getter. 

With your attention to detail, you are appreciated above all in your profession. 

However, you do not brag about your accomplishments. You like to be in control of your love life as well, but do not want to be restricted by it. 

Number 5

You love your freedom and independence. 

You are magically attracted to anything new and the unknown. 

You like to travel as much as possible, and are not at all interested in routine work. 

Others are often inspired by the ideas you are passionate about. 

However, if you don’t like something you can become very moody.

Number 6

The family is the center of your life. 

Taking care of them is important to you. You are reliable, responsible, social, traditional and harmonious. 

You are also enthusiastic about everything beautiful. 

But you are not completely selfless after all, because you can be condescending towards others and expect thanks for the way you go about your affairs.

Number 7

Mysticism, spirituality, intuition – this your world. 

The soul life is rich and deep, but often closed to others. 

You sometimes need the seclusion to cope with the impressions of life and withdraw yourself from others. 

But that does not mean you are a difficult person, you are rather versatile and have a good feeling for others. 

You are a very passionate companion in a relationship. 

Number 8

As a person with the name number 8 you have success and perseverance. 

When you set goals, you stomp and stubbornly pursue them. 

You want to achieve something in life, especially financially. 

Giving up would not even occur to you. It would do you well, to let go of some things once in a while and enjoy your life more. 

You are very reliable and responsible and radiate security.

Number 9

You like to be helpful, at work and in relationships. 

You are likeable and open minded. Above all, you can observe your environment well and know when it is time to offer help. 

You are always ready to solve other people’s problems, and it is very important to you to ensure justice in the world.

Master Number 11 as the destiny number

As a person with destiny number 11 you have the potential to become a real visionaire, since you possess great insight and clarity. 

You tend to attract big ideas and are very intuitive, and sensitive.You have enormous knowledge and the ability to penetrate into the deep essence of what is happening, which gives you an advantage over others. 

You are at a higher level of spiritual development, which can often make you also prone to painful situations and hurtful experiences. 

Master Number 22 as the destiny number

With the master number 22 as your destiny number you can overcome any obstacle. 

Your abilities are very versatile and highly developed, and you make them available to the general public whenever possible. You have a desire to use your knowledge to improve the world. 

It is important that you combine your skills with a high level of education in order to make full use of your talents.   

Be careful not to neglect your practical side, and learn to deal with the power of fate and to control your often violent emotions.

Master Number 33 as the destiny number

Your destiny number gives you outstanding creative and artistic abilities. 

You are able to create beautiful and unusual things. You are a true spiritual leader with natural wisdom and inner strength, and a need for spiritual development.  

However, you also live in an enormous nervous tension which can disturb your spiritual balance. 

Strive for balance to avoid the negative aspects of this master number which could make you become idle, rude and arrogant. 

(The Numerology Of Your Name)

Your Personality  Number 

Here is the second number based on your name, the personality number: This number is calculated from the consonants of your name. 

Write down the consonants of your first, middle and last name, record the numerical value of the consonants based on the Pythagorean chart and calculate the cross sum the same way as before.

The personality number is also known as the dream number. This number describes your personality and gives you an idea of how others see you. 

Knowing how others see you will help you overcome false perceptions and let your inner soul shine through.

Number 1

You are dynamic, efficient, capable and controlled. 

As a leader you use a unique approach to get things done. 

You are motivating and inspire others with a strong sense of purpose. However, you are also often selfish.

Number 2

You are friendly and unpretentious. 

Others are easily attracted to your warm and relaxed manner, because you are also understanding and patient. 

You are very concerned with your physical appearance and take great care of yourself and your grooming habits.

Number 3

You are attractive and appreciate good quality fashionable clothes and accessories. 

You have the ability to find opportunities and use them to your advantage. 

However, you are a creative thinker, and can get carried away losing your momentum. 

Number 4

You are very reliable and dependable. 

You radiate safety and people easily trust you. Since you are also very patriotic and a prudent forward-thinker you are often found in a public role. 

You are very concerned with your future and therefore a frugal person. 

Number 5

You are a socially active community leader who can easily involve others. 

You are adventurous, very passionate, have a desire to travel and are usually athletic. 

You have a tendency to overindulge in food, drugs, alcohol, and sex.

Number 6

You are understanding, compassionate and have a desire to help those in need of comfort. 

Others get along well with you, since you are easygoing and pleasant. 

You have a talent for romance and art. You are protective of your family and faithful in relationships.

Number 7

You are introverted, very intelligent and very attentive. 

There is something mysterious about you. You are independent and able to see through people. 

You radiate wisdom, spirituality and confidence, but you can also be arrogant, and have to be careful not to offend others.

Number 8

You radiate strength, power and confidence and will always try to reach higher goals. 

Others feel you are someone with a good business sense. But you are also egocentric and sometimes ruthless.

Number 9

You are naturally charming, elegant and idealistic. 

You are confident to lead a group of people instead of just a handful of individuals. 

You are also compassionate, caring and kind, but sometimes you feel superior to others. 

Master Number 11 as the personality number

You are extremely sensitive and intuitive. You can take extreme actions to hide your shyness and nervousness. 

However, you radiate  a calm equanimity and self-esteem and have a friendly and safe way of communication to reach others. 

A wonderful sense of style makes you look perfect in any situation. But behind the outer glitter lies a tender and vulnerable soul.

Master Number 22 as the personality number

You possess practicality, discretion, clarity of mind and high creative abilities. 

You aim to create a flawless image that corresponds to the classic style of clothing you prefer to wear. 

Besides focussing on your  personal success your mission is the service to other people and therefore you enjoy their full confidence.

Master Number 33 as the personality number

You display a conservative fashion style which adheres to your traditional values and selfless commitment. 

You provide support to others with kindness and open willingness, always radiating safety and make others feel comforted.  

You have to be careful not to lose yourself completely in the service to the public or even friends and family. 

It could cause an imbalance, which can make you feel resentful and withdrawn. 

(The Numerology Of Your Name)

Your Soul Number 

The last number we are talking about today is your soul number, also known as  your heart desire number.  

For the calculation of this number you need the vowels of your first, middle and last name. 

Again, write them down, then find the numerical value in the chart and write it down for each vowel accordingly. When this is done, calculate the cross sum. 

Your soul number describes your inner strengths, likes, dislikes and resources. In short, it tells you who you are and reveals the inner self that you may have hidden from others.

Number 1

The number 1 as your soul number stands for your elemental force. You have a strong personality, are ambitious and want to achieve great things. 

You don’t like to plan ahead, you like to be the centre of attention and you don’t like to be told anything by others. 

Number 2

You possess sensitivity and always try to strive for harmony. 

You are tactful, prefer to avoid quarrels and are helpful, often even self-sacrificing. 

However, you can’t take criticism very well and should learn to stand above it!

Number 3

This number shows that you strive to reconcile opposites. 

You are an excellent diplomat and adept communicator. 

However, others can easily influence you. You have to learn to always form your own opinion.

Number 4

You are very consistent and are hard-working in your daily life, as well as careful and well organized. 

When it comes to friendships and relationships in general, quality is more important to you than quantity. You do not like to be pushed. 

Number 5

You love your freedom, and are very active. 

You enjoy travelling and making new experiences and acquaintances. You easily convince others, and can quickly inspire yourself. However, you don’t like to be stuck in routine work.

Number 6

You have a very balanced personality and a sense for aesthetics and design. 

You like to be helpful and to spoil others. But often you do not assess your responsibilities realistically and feel overwhelmed quickly. 

Number 7

You are rather introverted and make a reserved impression on others. But you are also very passionate and possess an original individualism. 

The intellectual world is more important to you, therefore material values are not a main focus in your life. 

Number 8

You are someone who will conduct your affairs with consistency, tenacity and iron will.  

You show extreme performance and perseverance. Since you are a very optimistic person, you tend to underestimate risks, which can lead to failure in your undertakings.

If that happens you suffer tremendously.

Number 9

Your focus is on completion and justice. You will always finish what you started, can solve problems and influence others strongly. 

People are drawn to you, because you are attentive and open-minded. 

But, if you are dissatisfied with yourself you can become very moody and withdrawn. 

Master Number 11 as your soul number

You are a spiritual seeker who enjoys sharing your ideas and beliefs with others. 

You are very idealistic, inspiring and have a mind that can handle abstract thoughts. You are extremely sensitive and emotional.

Master Number 22 as your soul number

You are a creator. You possess essential craftsmanship and innovation to use your own hands to create things from scratch. 

You can see the future and use your creative spirit to find a solution to any problem in your mind.

But you have to be aware to make the step from imagination into transformation. 

You must use your ability to manifest a vision into a material form. 

Master Number 33 as your soul number

You are an excellent conversationalist: intelligent, tactful, understanding. You also have remarkable intellectual abilities and always give the right advice. 

You must take your mission as a consultant very seriously.  Do not imitate violent activities in order to change injustice or help others, but focus on the right way to bring well-being to family and friends. 

Be careful not to give up all your spiritual power for others to the point where you stop being the master of your own life. 

In order to succeed and achieve you have to learn to maintain a reasonable balance between public and private affairs.

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