Virgo & Life Path Numbers | The SECRETS Of Your Zodiac Sign

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After we talked about the Zodiac sign of Leo in our last video, we will continue our journey through the universe and visit the sign of Virgo, and again we will explore your life path numbers in connection with this mindful and intellectual sign.

The time period for the Zodiac sign of Virgo is from August 23rd until September 23rd. 

Virgo is an earth sign, the ruling planet is Mercury and the birth stone is sapphire. 

If you are born under the Zodiac sign of Virgo you always try to achieve optimal results, often to perfection. 

You are analytical, hard-working, intelligent, logical, objective, practical, rational, and realistic. 

This refers not only to material success but also to your work performance and your personal life. You pay attention to small things, to details that others tend to lose sight of. 

You are always honest and caring to the people around you.

But your desire for perfection can become your weakness. You can come across as intolerant, critical, suspicious, and even pedantic.

Your need for security and control over your life can manifest itself in an unhealthy stubbornness. 

Let us have a look at how the attributes of the Zodiac sign of Virgo work in combination with your life path number and which challenges you have to overcome. 

Life Path No. 1

The life path number 1 stands for people who are independent, ambitious, energetic, passionate and strong-willed. 

If this is coupled with the positive attributes of your sign of Virgo you can go far in your life. 

The strong vibrations of the number 1 combined with the intelligent and analytical mind of the Virgo can overcome almost any obstacle. 

However, you have a tendency to become so focussed on your goals, and so determined that your way is the only way to proceed, that you will be perceived as selfish, stubborn, unbending and unreasonable, even moody and bossy.

This is not your intention at all, because you are a caring and modest person. However, once you get going you can become very impatient and fierce. 

Learn to balance the softer vibration of your Zodiac sign with the energy of your life path number. Step back once in a while and regroup not only with yourself but also with your environment. 

Life Path No. 2

With a life path number 2 you have the ability to harmonize well with others and to form close relationships. 

You can make peace in any group, need a partnership, lots of company and a lively social environment. As a number 2 you rarely take risks and work conscientiously.

The combination of The Zodiac Sign of Virgo and the life path number 2 is a very interesting one. 

The need to care for others is emphasised with both vibrations. And so is the need for the analytical dissection of any problem, question or challenge. 

Both your Zodiac sign and your life path number can push you in a constant circle of thoughts and anxiety, which can be exhausting, and make it difficult for you to work through all your other responsibilities. 

You can become very moody, even harsh and cynical if you feel overwhelmed by your own thought process and the demands of your environment. 

It is important for you to develop the ability of autonomy, give up control over others, trust them to take care of themselves and give yourself the time to meditate and enjoy life. 

Life Path No. 3

The life path number 3 makes you a very social and outgoing person with the urgent need to communicate, and the desire to put yourself first is often erratic and extremely creative. 

This life path number is in stark contrast to the personality of your Zodiac sign. You might feel a constant struggle between the desires of your life path numbers and the restrain of your Zodiac sign. 

You like to be the centre of attention and see life as a stage, but you can also become easily bored. You are colourful, beautiful, cheerful, serene, creative and inventive, but also unrealistic vain and impatient. 

Your challenge is to accept that you are a person who develops and improves rather in leaps than in a consistent progress. 

Use the attributes of Virgo, such as your hard-working and analytical abilities to counteract your unrealistic expectations and learn to balance your impatience with your caring and modest side.

Life Path No. 4

With a life path number 4 you are  fair, orderly, organized, reliable and adaptable. All these attributes are enhanced by your Zodiac sign of Virgo. You are ambitious not only when it comes to your own life, but also for your family, friends and co-workers. 

You cannot let go of work and your anxiety is often caused by an existential fear. 

Your strong work ethics and your realistic approach to life makes you very independent. You always work systematically, thoroughly and productively through your tasks.

Trust your analytical and skilful abilities, which your Zodiac sign has given you, to free yourself from unnecessary fears and enjoy your success, friends and family life.

Life Path No. 5

Life path no. 5 is the number of the spirit, independence and freedom. You have a variety of interests and goals. 

Mental activity, wit and unconventional views result in a charming, fascinating and optimistic personality. 

You are attracted to new things and enthusiastic about change. Coupled with the Zodiac sign of Virgo those strong vibrations are dimmed on both sides.

The Virgo in you will be analytical, caring and modest, but the life path number 5 will give you a burst of energy you sometimes cannot explain.

If you feel a sudden need to escape and taste freedom and wild independence then you get a taste of the inner fight between those two vibrations. 

The challenge for you is to find an outlet to satisfy the fierce vibrations of the number 5 without making you feel guilty, because you might go your own way for a bit. If you are not catering to both vibrations it can make you moody and cynical. 

Use your experiences and combine your extensive creativity of the life path number 5 with the skillful and intelligent abilities of the Virgo and you are well on your way.

Life Path No. 6

With a life path number 6 and your Zodiac sign of Virgo you feel enhanced vibrations on both angles. 

You are the pillar of your family and community, the advisor for every soul problem. 

You strive to bring harmony and beauty not only in your life but also in the lives of the people around you.

Besides being tolerant, creative, sensitive, open and accessible to your fellow human beings, you are also very caring, intelligent and charismatic. 

However, with your attempts to create the perfect world for everybody and your strong Virgo vibrations you are also a perfectionist, which can become condescendent, anxious and controlling. 

You have a penchant for perfectionism and sometimes try to cling to ideals. 

However, you must learn to recognize that not everyone has to have the same principles, and find a way to learn by bringing your high ideals into harmony with reality and making peace with the imperfections of life. 

Listen to your inner voice, it will show you the right path.

Life Path No. 7

The person with a life path number 7 is a spiritual being. You are a person who carries diligence and calmness within yourself. 

You observe life and try to discover its invisible laws. 

You have a distinct, and clear intuition enhanced by the analytical and intellectual mind of your Zodiac sign. 

Normally, people with the life path number 7 experience a deep conflict  between their tendency to handle their feelings with rationality and analytical thinking and their distinct, sensitive perception on the other side.

With your Virgo vibration this tendency will dip further into the analytical and intellectual side. 

That can make it difficult for you to connect with the emotional challenges in your life. You might come across as reserved, cool and withdrawn.  

You have an almost aristocratic air about you, and might not understand why people often feel dismissed by your behaviour. 

As a Virgo you are naturally suspicious, and this is also enhanced by the vibrations of the number 7. 

Your challenge is first and foremost to trust yourself, trust your feelings and your intuition, they are valid and need to have a space right beside your intellect, because they will not hinder but emphasize your abilities, talents, and skills.

Life Path No. 8

In their careers and personal development, people with this life path number often experience either success stories or painful defeats. 

You are keen to be productive and make a financial profit, but not to exercise power; even though you are often perceived as authoritative. 

The vibrations of the Virgo will lessen the negative impact, but you still have to deal with setbacks.

You have to learn to believe in yourself and discover your talents and personal greatness, only then will you be able to survive significant defeats instead of taking on the role of a victim and falling into helplessness. 

Often you experience an inner struggle between the responsibilities for your family and the urgent need to develop yourself further. You might  concentrate too much on the material provision of your family, often neglecting the emotional side. 

You’re strong-willed and assertive, and if you learn to use your softening and positive Virgo influences to your advantages you will feel a more comforting balance in your life.

Life Path No. 9

In the sense of numerology, a person with a life path number 9 is like a chameleon that can take on the colouring and the characteristic features of any of the other numbers at will. 

Therefore, some attributes of the Virgo, such as being analytical, hard-working, honest, caring, skilful, and intelligent are enhanced. 

The profound idealistic side of the number 9 is reaching a new height with the vibrations of the Virgo. 

This carries a lot of danger, because with the number 9 personality you already have a tendency to become very distant from reality and create your own little bubble.

The basic characteristics and abilities will remain the same regardless. You are versatile, intellectual, and empathic, have a particularly strong charisma and stand out for your generosity and helpfulness. 

You are a keen observer and can sense the deeper connections of interpersonal behaviour patterns. The analytical vibrations of the Virgo makes you a sensitive and wise advisor. 

However, the influence of the sensible Virgo and the over idealistic vibration of the number 9 can cause frustration and hurt, when others are not responding to your efforts.

It is an important learning process for you to realize that you can only support other people to a certain degree and that it is not possible for you to change the lives of these people if the latter do not do something about it themselves. 

Master Number 11

With the personality of the master number 11 you are artistically inclined, long for connection, balance and harmony with your fellow men. You carry a deep love within you. 

Intense sensations in everyday life become a challenge for you, because you are a compassionate and emotional person, which is coupled with the Virgo attributes of deep care for your family and friends and a need for fairness and honesty.  

The Virgo provides you with a very analytical and intellectual mind; now combined with the vibration of the master number 11 you possess unusual talents and extreme sharpness of vision. 

You will take your time to enter in any relationship or partnership, and the path to disappointment experienced by others is short. 

Selfishness, aloofness and fanaticism pose dangers to your person. 

You must not allow yourself to be overwhelmed by your dreams or be too busy devoting yourself to your own cause. 

Furthermore, you should be more responsive to the needs of your fellow human beings and take a step back, without neglecting your creativity and individuality.

You are extremely intuitive, medially talented and very empathic. 

The Vibrations of the Virgo often bring anxiety with them, if this is combined with the darker side of your Master Number 11, it can easily lead to depression, because inside of you there is a certain melancholy.

You have a distinctive, reflective, philosophical, meditative nature and think a lot about the meaning of life. 

Virgo adds analytical skills and makes you a constant thinker. 

The danger is that your fanatical tendencies take control and you lose yourself in a jungle of thoughts.

The Master Number 11 gives you the ability to intensively experience the emotional and spiritual world of your fellow human beings. 

The virgo within you pushes you into a constant pressure of being a caregiver, whereby you perceive the feelings of others in such a way that you cannot distinguish them from your own.

Here it is very important for you to use your rational side to create a balance, to separate yourself from external influences. Use the vibrations of your master number 11 and of your Zodiac sign of Virgo to enhance your enormous talents.

In this way you will be able to achieve your goals, satisfy your urge for creativity and financial security, and still be able to provide for your family and friends. 

Master Number 22

With the master number 22 you are idealistic and pragmatic at the same time. You have enormous power and are able to realize your own plans and visions of life. 

Empathy and charisma characterize your character. Sensitivity and vitality make you a particularly reliable manager and your employees will be committed and enthusiastic. You also possess strong willpower and a positive attitude to life, and with the skilful, intelligent, logical, rational, and realistic insight of the Virgo you will endure hardly any obstacles.

As powerful as you experience the positive sides of the master number 22 and the Zodiac sign of Virgo as destructive can the effects be when you tip to the other side of the scale.

If your efforts are not appreciated or restricted you will become intolerant and critical, suspicious, uptight and bossy even unrealistically stubborn. 

Anxiety can build up and cause destructive behaviour.

You have to practise to use your economical abilities which are provided by your Zodiac sign of Virgo and counteract on any negative emotions caused by the master number 22.

Master Number 33

The master number 33 makes you a person who feels a deep love for nature and your fellow men. You feel great pain when you are misunderstood or not accepted. 

Especially, with the caring and considerate Virgo your desire is to help and serve, and it pushes you down when people you love suffer from making mistakes.

You possess a solution-oriented spirit, and are able to assess others quickly and fairly, recognizing their weak points immediately.  

However, your principles are strong and you have a tendency to push others towards them. Not in the sense of manipulating them more in the way that you truly believe, if they do what you suggest their problem will be solved.

You often take on a parental figure within your family and circle of friends, by doing so you might disempower or overwhelm them with your efforts. 

You have to learn to guide your fellow human beings and help them to be able to find what they need in order to solve their problem.

Take the vibrations of the Virgo and couple them with the vibration of the master number 33 and practise to balance those to find your inner peace. 

This way you will feel grounded and find happiness, but still be able to care for the people important to you. 

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