Why Is Jeffree Star The Way He Is | Life Path Number 22

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Jeffree Star is a famous Make-up Youtube guru who has been involved in a lot of controversies as of late. 

Some of these include, speculation that he allegedly faked a robbery as a way to promote his concealer, has said negative things about certain groups of people, and has been incapable of holding friendships due to his ruthless and narcissistic behavior. 

His cut throat approach to business has amassed him a massive fortune but also an equally massive target on his back.

He won’t let anybody, especially James Charles, stand in his way.

Jeffrey Star was born on November 15th, 1985. Therefore, his life path number is the master number 22.

Life path number 22 is one of the most powerful numbers in numerology.

It inhibits the vibrations of the highly creative master number 11 and is also influenced by the grounding number 4. 

The fate number 4 represents the square and thus the wholeness, it represents the 4 elements, the 4 directions and the 4 seasons.  

Jeffrey Star is in  alignment with powerful forces that he can access to bring his personal and professional ambitions to fruition. 

However, the vibrations of the master number 22 are so high that they need a true master to handle them effectively.

People with a life path number 22 are 

  • Organized
  • Clear
  • Visionary
  • Pragmatic
  • Authoritative
  • Astute
  • Independent
  • Orderly
  • Structured
  • Freedom-loving

All things we can easily associate with Jeffrey Star and they are giving us a thorough explanation of why he is famous.

As a person with the master number 22, Jeffrey Star is very idealistic and pragmatic at the same time. 

He uses his enormous power to realize his plans and visions for the life he desires.

He can show genuine empathy and will draw people to him with his undeniable charisma. 

He is highly sensitive to his environment, which makes him an excellent observer, and when the time is right he will turn into an enthusiastic and committed leader. 

His strong willpower and his positive attitude to life will let him reach his goals. 

We can see how it is possible that he is at the forefront of public awareness.

But we also have to keep in mind that the number 22 has a multiplied vibration not only for positive attributes but also for negative ones. 

As with Ying and Yang, there are always two sides to be kept in balance. 

It is up to the master builder of the 22 to work on his personality, to be open to serve, and not use others, and to share the wealth of knowledge and power with the world in a positive way.

As powerful as the positive sides of the 22 life path number are, as destructive are the negative sides. 

If at one point in his number 22 life path he feels restricted or pushed to adapt to unwanted habits and to an undesirable order, not meeting his life expectations and desires he can feel psychologically poisoned and become very secluded.

The feeling of not being understood, denied the love he craves so much, can lead to the act of using the powerful number 22 vibrations to manipulate and act in the most selfish and resentful way towards his environment.

The negative sides of the master number 22 are manifested in being intolerant, petty, squeamish, and obstinate. They will express extremely harsh criticism on others, whenever they feel their superior status is being questioned.

We have to keep in mind that Jeffrey Star based on the number 22 is  intelligent and creative and tries to create clarity and structure in his environment. 

If he cannot manage to find the security he is looking for within himself, he will create it on the outside using whatever he needs, because he has the urge to control his environment and the influences of it on his life. 

The master number 22 will let him feel a certain pressure and he needs to have a goal in mind to feel alive. 

Routine and deadlocked habits bore him, even making him feel trapped. 

He will lose interest in relationships or friendships that do not challenge him, leaving people behind until they again create a desirable energy. 

It is almost impossible to see through a person with the master number 22. 

He might feel responsible for his family and carries the burden to support his family strongly, but will do so with a distinct authority, and a rigid vision of how relationships have to function. 

If threatened or hurt his criticism will be relentless and harsh. He will not hesitate to hurt others and even cross the lines of what is acceptable.

He is exercising his control in a subtle way, but does come across as bossy. He is often offended, if his advice is not followed, and becomes restless when family members or friends make mistakes. 

He might not see himself in that way, and will show resistance to any confrontation against his intentions and character traits. 

As a result, he can become aloof and distant. 

The influences of the number 4 within the 22 projects his priorities and visions onto his partners and he makes decisions or plans without taking into account the other person’s point of view.

He dictates what and how something should be done. His intentions are to guide and support family members and friends, but he wants to set the direction.

As a person with the master number 22, Jeffrey Star is very attracted to material aspects, as well as sensuality and sexuality; but he is also poetic, sensitive, creative and very emotional. 

The master number 22 is extremely successful in his businesses and can easily create wealth.

He has narcissistic tendencies and will always have a need to be noticed, he needs to be seen. 

If he feels disappointed in life and not really noticed, he might become internally aggressive and therefore, destructive towards his environment. This feeling is very often unclear and indefinable. He can feel belligerent and can be annoyed by the people around him. 

With the life path number 22 he will never be an average person, and often masters an ingenious strategy when it comes to achieving his goals.

He needs to be careful to balance intense and powerful vibrations, because it can be difficult for him to deal with the consequences and this often leads to violent uncontrolled outbursts of emotions. 

Even though he is able to build an empire for himself, the strong negative vibrations when not controlled and mastered, can destroy everything he worked so hard for just as easily.

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